GOLDNET.MARKET - “We want and are working to provide business with the opportunity to develop a lot of activity areas”

Today, almost all jewellery companies have their own wholesale websites, online stores, and social media pages. But a year ago, GOLDNET.MARKET, the first jewellery wholesale marketplace appeared in Russia, a new effective tool for the jewellery market...


Platinum’s rare nature gives it additional value and appeal

Huw Daniel is the CEO of Platinum Guild International, overseeing market development activities in China, Japan, India and the USA, on behalf of the platinum producers of South Africa. Before taking up this role in 2015, Huw ran PGI USA for 12 years...

13 september 2021

Marco Carniello: We want to continue to be the engine boosting the jewellery industry

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is a leader in Italy in the organisation of trade fairs and one of the main operators in the trade fair and conference sector at European level, with structures in Rimini and Vicenza, as well as further sites in...

06 september 2021

There is a significant need for smart and technological financial solutions in the diamond industry

MDPS, the Israeli start-up Fintech company from the Mazalit Group is gearing up to enter the diamond industry soon. Zeev Maimon, the CEO of MDPS is also the Founder / CEO of MAZALIT, a B2B payment platform designed and dedicated to the global diamond...

30 august 2021

The future for synthetics lies in that it has become possible to grow a stone you want and make what you want out of it

Alex Popov, President of the Moscow Diamond Exchange and head of the Âme jewelry brand, which uses lab-grown diamonds to produce jewelry, sat for an interview with Rough&Polished sharing his views on the coexistence of natural and man-made diamonds in...

23 august 2021

De Beers CEO: 'Peak Diamonds’ is 3 Years Away

09 june 2014

One of the barons of the global diamond industry has prophesized that the peak of planetary diamond extraction will occur in just three years' time, reports cited by In an interview with the German press, De Beers chief executive officer Philippe Mellier said that so-called 'peak diamonds' – the point at which 50% of all the naturally occurring diamonds in the world have already been extracted – will be surpassed in 2017.
The concept of 'peak' has been used in recent years mostly to describe the end of the age of oil, the resource that more than any other fuels industrial civilization. After being popularized by the 2004 documentary film 'The End of Suburbia', it began to enter the common discourse, first for oil and then for other vital commodities that are rapidly depleting, such as clean drinking water.
According to peak theory, the extraction of all resources that are non-renewable on the scale of human lifespans follows a bell curve: little is extracted at first, but then as technologies are developed to extract with more efficiently, the extraction rate increases rapidly. At a certain point, the easy-to-extract stuff begins to run out, leaving behind the harder-and-more-expensive-to-extract stuff. At a certain point, extraction rate levels off, and this is called peak. Afterwards, the extraction rate inexorably declines.