Indian gem and jewellery manufacturers have the skill and capabilities to cater to any market in the world

Besides spearheading the “White Paper” last year, Colin Shah, Vice Chairman of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) has been actively involved in the initiatives of the Council like MyKYCBank and many more… A first generation...

11 february 2019

The Indian gems and jewellery industry was progressing in the past and will certainly progress in the future

Dinesh Navadiya, the Regional Chairman (Gujarat Region) of The Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India, is also the representative of the Gujarat G&J sector at various organisations as well as government authorities...

04 february 2019

The Russian Diamond Line: We do not believe that gifted persons would win through on their own

The Russian Diamond Line, a Moscow international jewellery contest of jewellery design, has been held for a decade already. At the end of the year, the results of the jubilee RDL-2018 contest were summed up, and on December 14, the prizewinners of the...

28 january 2019

New lending will have to be fully asset-backed with true provenance and transparency in the flow of goods and monies

After handling Gem & Jewellery (G&J) industry financing as a banker for many years, Erik A Jens sees an opportunity now that numerous banks are withdrawing from the sector. He is exploring opportunities to establishing a financing firm focusing...

21 january 2019

The majority of women don’t care whether their diamonds are mined or lab grown - Alex Popov, CEO of Âme

Alex Popov, President of the Moscow Diamond Bourse and former Chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDMF) launched a new jewelry brand under the name of Âme focused on design and using lab grown diamonds to produce jewelry meant to meet...

14 january 2019

ALROSA Airlines started to fly Boeing-737

11 february 2013

ALROSA Airlines switched over to operating flights on Boeing-737-700. This was reported in the company’s press release received by Rough&Polished today.
The first flight on Boeing-737-700 was made from Moscow to Mirny on February 11, 2013. On the same day the airline sent its Boeing on a flight from Mirny to Moscow and further to Krasnodar.
The aircraft has been taken on lease from Yakutia Airlines. In the future, ALROSA Airlines plans to take more Boeing-737 on lease to replace the technologically obsolete Tu-154 aircraft. Currently, the company is training its crews and airport personnel to operate this type of aircraft.
ZAO ALROSA Airlines is established on the basis of Mirny Air Enterprise, a division of the ALROSA diamond mining company, and operates as a separate legal entity starting from January 1, 2013.
ALROSA Airlines provides cargo services to diamond miner ALROSA and is also engaged in passenger transportation in Western Yakutia (up to 250,000 people a year). To date, the airline's fleet consists of 41 aircraft (mainly Tu-154, Tu-134, An-24 and An-26) and 29 helicopters.

Tatiana Alexandrova, Rough&Polished, Moscow