The Kimberley Process mulling over broader definition of "conflict diamonds"

The participants of the recent Kimberley Process Plenary Meeting hosted by the European Union in Brussels carried their work to completion on November 16, 2018 but were left with a home work on their hands to be done before the next convention under...


The Grib Diamond Mine: Geology, Ecology and Industrial Safety

Gennady Piven, First Deputy General Manager of AGD Diamonds JSC, talks about his work at the diamond fields in Yakutia and in the Arkhangelsk Province.

10 december 2018

I have a dream to see India become a world leader in high-end jewellery manufacturing - Sanjay Kothari

An industry leader who needs no introduction to the gem and jewellery industry is Sanjay Kothari…the former chairman of the GJEPC of India has held various positions in the Council including being Convener-Exhibitions for many years before becoming Convener-Promotions...

03 december 2018

Style always reflects culture

Reena Ahluwalia is a multifaceted artist …an award-winning jewelry designer, diamond painter, professor, speaker and a community builder and more. Recognized as one of the Top Masters of Jewelry Design and art in Canada, she has been creating jewelry...

26 november 2018

Botswana Diamonds’ Campbell on Alrosa exit: no exploration JV lasts forever

Botswana Diamonds is currently in talks with a major diamond producer interested in taking over a stake in Sunland Minerals previously owned by Alrosa. The Sunland joint venture was established in 2014 to test existing Alrosa exploration technology on...

19 november 2018

White Pine Trading Promotes New Sales Model

21 september 2012

White Pine Trading, one of the world’s largest recycled diamond companies, recently announced that it will offer a new sales format, “Buy Now,” at its diamond sales events. “Buy Now” is a new purchasing configuration that allows clients to immediately purchase lots of recycled diamonds, with an option to bid up to 10 percent below listed price, Rough&Polished were reported at the company.
White Pine Trading first introduced “Buy Now” on a trial basis at a sales event in New York last month and found it to be a tremendous success, selling over 80% of its catalogued recycled diamonds using this feature.
Myles Schakler, White Pine Trading’s Director of Sales, stated, ““Buy Now” is an effective solution for both buyers and sellers. In a market with less demand, buyers seek to maximize their time by knowing where prices stand. Furthermore, suppliers want to know they can get fair market prices for their diamonds by eliminating weak offers. We are excited to be offering this new format and we are confident that this method will result in a greater trading efficiency and improved sales.”
The next “Buy Now” sale will take place from September 19 to September 23 in Hong Kong at the Sky City Nine Eagles Golf Course, on 20 Sky City Road East, across the street from the AsiaWorld-Expo.
White Pine Trading LLC is a well-established recycled diamond company, with offices in New York, Barcelona, Birmingham and Tokyo, with buyers across the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. White Pine buys recycled, polished diamonds of all sizes and grades either loose or in second-hand diamond jewelry, from the smallest melee to diamonds one carat and above. White Pine remanufactures chipped, damaged and poorly cut diamonds in order to homogenize appearance. It uses a significant proportion of its diamonds in jewelry, and resells the remainder, which is distributed primarily in the US and Asia to a network of industry participants, including retailers, jewelry manufacturers, diamond manufacturers and dealers.

Tatiana Alexandrova, Rough&Polished, Moscow