Platinum’s rare nature gives it additional value and appeal

Huw Daniel is the CEO of Platinum Guild International, overseeing market development activities in China, Japan, India and the USA, on behalf of the platinum producers of South Africa. Before taking up this role in 2015, Huw ran PGI USA for 12 years...

13 september 2021

Marco Carniello: We want to continue to be the engine boosting the jewellery industry

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) is a leader in Italy in the organisation of trade fairs and one of the main operators in the trade fair and conference sector at European level, with structures in Rimini and Vicenza, as well as further sites in...

06 september 2021

There is a significant need for smart and technological financial solutions in the diamond industry

MDPS, the Israeli start-up Fintech company from the Mazalit Group is gearing up to enter the diamond industry soon. Zeev Maimon, the CEO of MDPS is also the Founder / CEO of MAZALIT, a B2B payment platform designed and dedicated to the global diamond...

30 august 2021

The future for synthetics lies in that it has become possible to grow a stone you want and make what you want out of it

Alex Popov, President of the Moscow Diamond Exchange and head of the Âme jewelry brand, which uses lab-grown diamonds to produce jewelry, sat for an interview with Rough&Polished sharing his views on the coexistence of natural and man-made diamonds in...

23 august 2021

De Beers’ GemFair ropes in more than 160 Sierra Leone artisanal miners

De Beers inaugurated its GemFair pilot programme in Sierra Leone’s Kono District with 14-member mine sites in 2018 to create a secure route to market for ethically sourced artisanal and small-scale diamonds. GemFair programme manager Ruby Stocklin-Weinberg...

16 august 2021

HRD Antwerp’s new diamond certificate proves an immediate hit

13 january 2009

The new HRD Antwerp diamond certificate, which was launched on the first day of business of the new year, has proven to be an immediate success. Just one week after issuing the new certificates, HRD Antwerp notes a significant spike in interest from both the Belgian and international diamond sectors. 
“The end of December and beginning of January are typically slow in the diamond business, and that has been intensified by the worldwide financial downturn,” said Georges Brys, HRD Antwerp’s General Manager. “We are therefore delighted at the enthusiasm that has been generated by the new HRD Antwerp diamond certificate during the week of its launch.”
The new diamond certificate includes improved security features, a refined cut grade and the HRD Antwerp Certificate Link feature, which enables the retrieval and downloading of certificates online in a variety of languages. 
The range of security features, which render it practically impossible to forge an HRD Antwerp certificate, are unique to the industry. They include line structures, a watermark, an embossed logo, fluo marks and micro-text. “Customer confidence is our first priority,” said Brys. “This is clearly enhanced by the new certificates, and it is further backed up by laser inscriptions and ability to conduct an online check.”
HRD Antwerp’s refined Cut Grade includes a more comprehensive analysis of cut than the one that has featured on HRD Antwerp grading reports to date. Instead of reporting about cut using two parameters – Proportions and Finish – HRD Antwerp will now assess the cut according to three parameters: Proportions, Symmetry and Polish. The refined grade features for the first time a finding of “Excellent.” 
Using HRD Antwerp Certificate Link, all HRD Antwerp Diamond Certificates, Diamond Identification Reports and Diamond Colour Certificates issued after January 1, 2005, can now be retrieved online. The service is available at, or via the HRD Antwerp website at Users must enter the certificate number and the diamond’s carat weight, and can then retrieve the document in English, Turkish, Mandarin, Cantonese or Arabic.