“In the jewellery art, we express our feelings, emotions and share them with others”

Over 30 years, the MOISEIKIN company based in the Ural area has become a famous jewellery brand. The jewellery and souvenirs of this jewellery house made of precious and semi- precious stones and metals are displayed at museums and in private collections...

20 march 2023

Automatic double upgrade of diamonds is not only a questionable practice but could be systemic fraud – Meeus

HRD Antwerp is under investigation by Belgian authorities following allegations that for every Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stone, which entered their lab for certification an automatic upgrade would be given two colours up and one...

13 march 2023

"At House of Ashish Vijay, diamonds and coloured gemstones will only ever mean stones that carry a storied legacy"

Ashish Vijay, a Dubai-based investor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and businessman with decades of experience in the precious gemstone and luxury jewellery industry, finance and investments sectors, set up his business in Dubai in the year 2013. As the...

06 march 2023

KP should remodel its enforcement, accountability mechanisms if it wants to remain relevant - Fula-Ngenge

The African Diamond Council (ADC) is calling on the Kimberley Process (KP) to remodel its enforcement and accountability mechanisms if it wants to remain relevant and effective. ADC chairperson M’zée Fula-Ngenge told Rough&Polished’s...

27 february 2023

Why ODC is taking longer to sell the polished Okavango blue diamond?

Okavango Diamond Company (ODC), a rough diamond marketing company that is wholly owned by the Botswana government, took an extraordinary decision to polish the 20.46-carat Okavango blue diamond recovered at Debswana’s Orapa Mine in 2018. It was...

20 february 2023

Philips unveils artefacts of the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty in Hong Kong from March 18-31

17 march 2023
Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo is honoured to announce the unveiling of several artefacts once belonging to Aisin-Giro Puyi, the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty, at the opening of Phillips’ new Asia headquarters in Hong Kong’s West Kowloon Cultural District.
A Patek Philippe Reference 96 Quantieme Lune, an inscribed paper fan, a manuscript notebook, watercolour paintings and a leather-bound printed edition of Confucius’ Analects will all be exhibited, offering a rare insight into a remarkable chapter in history.
From 1945 to 1950, the deposed Emperor was held prisoner in the USSR. During these five years, a Soviet official who spoke fluent Mandarin served as the Emperor’s interpreter and tutor. These artefacts spotlight the extraordinary friendship which developed between Puyi and his Russian translator.
Phillips is proud to unveil them in Hong Kong, where they will be on view from 18-31 March; this will be followed by an international tour to New York, Singapore, London, Taipei and Geneva, with the pieces being offered for sale at a later date.

Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough&Polished