“We help our clients take on a future that is full of unknown challenges, yet brimming with opportunities,” says Rajesh Shah, Partner, Venus Jewel

Rajesh Shah has been a partner of Venus Jewel since joining the firm in 1985 with a deep focus on business development and sales. Working with his elder cousin Anil and his younger brother Hitesh, he has made the ongoing development of Venus Grading...

08 august 2022

“Soaring inflation, reduced disposable income, consumers’ ability to purchase will be the scenario,” warns Antonio Cecere, President, Geneva Diamond Exchange

Antonio Cecere is the Managing Director of Cecere Group which operates in the diamonds and luxury goods sector, and it includes Cecere Monaco, an alternative investment boutique firm specializing in diamonds, Regina Monte Carlo, a fashion jewellery brand...

01 august 2022

Botswana leads in providing financial incentives for diamond exploration – Campbell

Botswana, which is one of the top diamond producers in the world, continues to provide legal certainty and financial incentives for diamond exploration and mine development, according to James Campbell, the managing director of Botswana Diamonds. He...

25 july 2022

“The future of real diamonds is greater than ever” asserts Leibish Polnauer, Founder- President, Leibish & Co

Way back in the year 1979, young Leibish Polnauer, then a diamond polisher, travelled to London only to find the factory at which he worked had been shut down. But, luckily he found an advertisement from the royal crown jeweler Garrard‘s seeking a 6-carat...

04 july 2022

Diamond prices remain steady despite sanctions imposed against ALROSA -Zimnisky

Sanctions imposed against ALROSA only resulted in the smaller gem and near-gem quality goods outperforming other categories in recent months, according to an independent diamond analyst Paul Zimnisky. He told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive...

27 june 2022

Burgundy’s Maison Mazerea brand strategy secures sales agreements

05 august 2022
Burgundy Diamond Mines Limited has announced the progress of the sales strategy driven by its ultra-luxury diamond brand, Maison Mazerea. The successful establishment of the brand provides the platform and market positioning to commence sales of an extensive inventory of high-value Fancy Colour diamonds cut and polished by Burgundy over the past six months.
The company has now entered into a two-stage agreement with Solid Gold Diamonds, one of Australia’s leading independent jewellers headquartered in Burgundy’s hometown of Perth, Western Australia.
Stage one is an initial agreement regarding bridal jewellery, which will start in August presenting uniquely cut Maison Mazerea branded diamonds in Solid Gold’s engagement and bridal jewellery designs, with a profit-sharing agreement on all sales.
Stage two will see close collaboration between Burgundy and Solid Gold on the design and production of an exclusive fine jewellery collection featuring larger and higher value Maison Mazerea diamonds, with sales commencing at a debut of the collection in October.
Separately, collaborative arrangements with the Princess Grace Foundation and its Grace de Monaco luxury brand will culminate in an exclusive launch event in New York in November, with sales of fine jewellery via private invitation-only viewings.
In addition, Burgundy continues to progress the development of similar agreements with other international jewellers and luxury watchmakers, with ongoing sales events accelerating through 2023. 

Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough&Polished