Diamond prices remain steady despite sanctions imposed against ALROSA -Zimnisky

Sanctions imposed against ALROSA only resulted in the smaller gem and near-gem quality goods outperforming other categories in recent months, according to an independent diamond analyst Paul Zimnisky. He told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive...

27 june 2022

Most people see great potential in the growth of LGD jewelry market

Currently Wayne Wang-Wang Yichun is the General Manager, LUSANT - Incubation Project Management Department of Yuyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd. He was the General Manager of Shanghai Yuyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd - A Fosun Group Company; and General Manager of international...

20 june 2022

De Beers sees good potential for exploration activities in Angola

De Beers recently signed two mining investment contracts (MICs) with the Angolan government for licence areas in the provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. The MICs for the two licence areas are for the award and exercise of mineral rights covering...

13 june 2022

Ali Pastorini: The jewelry consumer does not evaluate the brand only by price

Ali Pastorini is the co-owner of Del Lima Jewelry and President of Mujeres Brillantes, an association that brings together more than 1,000 women working in the gold and diamond trading sector, mainly from Latin America, as well as from Turkey, Spain...

06 june 2022

“We aim to bring in a different kind of a jewellery experience for the consumers,” says Vaishali Banerjee, Managing Director, PGI-India

Vaishali Banerjee made a shift from the advertising and marketing industry to the jewellery industry to create category awareness for a metal that was lesser-known in the subcontinent. Initially, it was all about category creation in a vibrant, mature...

30 may 2022

Sarine Technologies rolls out new Pay Per Value Service

25 may 2022
Sarine Technologies announced that its Galaxy® family of scanning and inclusion mapping systems is now offering a Pay Per Value (PPV) service, the company said in a press release received by Rough&Polished.  
Since its introduction in 2009, pricing of the inclusion mapping services offered by the Galaxy® family of systems has been solely based on the weight of the scanned goods, derived from a Price-Per-Carat (PPC) price list. This often created conditions where it was less economical, or even economically unviable, to scan even large lower quality rough diamonds.  
Derived once again from artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Sarine Technologies has developed a classifier that, based on their overall internal features, automatically recognises the value of natural rough diamonds as being under a certain value per carat, currently for stones from 2.5 to 10 carats. The new PPV feature utilises this new technology to classify the natural rough diamonds value range and automatically discounts the PPC pricing to adjust for the stones' realistic value. This empowers cost effective scanning of lower quality stones, which have not been scanned to date as the value proposition did not support their scanning, significantly broadening the addressable market for Sarine’s Galaxy® services. As the company is continuing to develop its AI classifiers to additional quality / price ranges, it will ultimately be able to provide cost-effective inclusion scanning services for virtually all rough diamonds.
David Block, Chief Executive Officer of Sarine, stated, “Throughout the years, we have been aware of our customers' conundrum of not being able to cost-effectively scan all their various qualities of natural rough diamonds, precluding them from taking advantage of this critical technology in their subsequent planning decision making processes. We are therefore, once again, proud to introduce these new AI-based services to address our customers evolving needs, allowing the application of our most advanced scanning and planning technologies, as embodied in our recently launched Advisor® 8.0 package, to all qualities of natural diamonds. We expect this new capability will expand the market for our Galaxy® systems and services, as we estimate that some 15% of the larger rough diamonds were not till today scanned, due to the previous pricing paradigm, which the new PPV offering resolves. No less importantly, we believe the PPV pricing will eliminate an avenue leveraged by our illicit competition to offer their IP-infringing lower-priced services for lower quality goods."