New Angolan diamond marketing policy helps lift rough prices – Wetherall

The Angolan administration of President João Lourenço introduced technical regulations for its new diamond marketing policy in 2018 whose objective was to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the national diamond industry and grow outside...


LGDs will continue to be an option for consumers, from the high-quality bridal market to the fashion market

Richard Garard is a founding member of the International Grown Diamond Association, which was established in 2016.  He serves on the Executive Committee of IGDA as President and Secretary General. IGDA was created to represent, promote and...

10 january 2022

Everything is design and design is everything

Born in the Basra pearls family, the first private jewelers to royal families, Ashraf Motiwala is the fourth generation to carry forward the legacy of A S Motiwala. Spearheading the prestigious family legacy, Ashraf Motiwala felt the need to breathe...

03 january 2022

Typical Jeweller is the initiative to promote the Russian jewellery industry

Typical Jeweller is one of the largest websites on the Russian Internet for the new generation jewellers. The total audience, including social media, is over 100,000 people per month. Every day, the latest news from the jewellery industry, educational...

27 december 2021

Johan Erikson: Demand for Natural Diamonds will always remain strong

First Element is a fully independent Diamond Services Company registered in Belgium and South Africa which has become one of the premier diamond valuing, marketing and cleaning companies in the industry. First Element is committed to providing a world-class...

20 december 2021

Geologists will start prospecting for diamonds in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory in Russia in an area with resource potential of 150 million carats

14 january 2022
The Ministry of Ecology and Rational Nature Management of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and ALROSA signed an agreement to explore promising diamond-bearing areas in the Evenk District in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the resource potential of which is 150 million carats, according to a press release from the ministry published on Friday.
The agreement on joint work in this area was signed by Pavel Borzykh, Minister of Ecology and Environmental Management of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Sergei Ivanov, CEO of ALROSA, and Sergei Chernykh, Acting Director of the Krasnoyarsk Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Raw Materials.
The parties agreed to conduct geological exploration to assess the potential of the mineral resource base. The specialists plan to apply progressive methods and technologies of geological exploration, new high-tech methods of forecasting, including those with elements of artificial intelligence in data processing.
Specialists of the organization and the scientific institute will go on joint field expeditions to carry out geophysical work, remote sensing and deciphering high-resolution satellite images.
Pavel Borzykh: “This is an important document for us. A large company, the world’s leader in diamond mining begins its activities in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. ALROSA has been granted the right to use subsoil plots in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory for prospecting and evaluating promising areas of primary diamonds. The organization assumes obligations for the rational use of natural resources. The company will develop infrastructure and create new jobs, which is also very important for the socio-economic development of the region. It should be noted that all taxes on diamond mining will go exclusively to the regional budget.”
Sergei Ivanov: “The vast area of subsoil, for which our company has been licensed, has a resource potential of 150 million carats of diamonds. It is located in Evenkia, and this year our geologists plan to start field research and airborne geophysical surveys here. We will study and develop the mineral resource base in cooperation with the regional Ministry of Ecology and its branch enterprise - the Krasnoyarsk Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Raw Materials. Such interaction will be useful for the development of exploration work in a promising diamond prospecting area.”

Vladimir Malakhov, Rough&Polished