New Angolan diamond marketing policy helps lift rough prices – Wetherall

The Angolan administration of President João Lourenço introduced technical regulations for its new diamond marketing policy in 2018 whose objective was to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of the national diamond industry and grow outside...


LGDs will continue to be an option for consumers, from the high-quality bridal market to the fashion market

Richard Garard is a founding member of the International Grown Diamond Association, which was established in 2016.  He serves on the Executive Committee of IGDA as President and Secretary General. IGDA was created to represent, promote and...

10 january 2022

Everything is design and design is everything

Born in the Basra pearls family, the first private jewelers to royal families, Ashraf Motiwala is the fourth generation to carry forward the legacy of A S Motiwala. Spearheading the prestigious family legacy, Ashraf Motiwala felt the need to breathe...

03 january 2022

Typical Jeweller is the initiative to promote the Russian jewellery industry

Typical Jeweller is one of the largest websites on the Russian Internet for the new generation jewellers. The total audience, including social media, is over 100,000 people per month. Every day, the latest news from the jewellery industry, educational...

27 december 2021

Johan Erikson: Demand for Natural Diamonds will always remain strong

First Element is a fully independent Diamond Services Company registered in Belgium and South Africa which has become one of the premier diamond valuing, marketing and cleaning companies in the industry. First Element is committed to providing a world-class...

20 december 2021

Botswana Diamonds’ projected kimberlite volume at Thorny River greater than expected

13 january 2022
Botswana Diamonds, which completed a preliminary kimberlite assessment on its Thorny River diamond prospect in South Africa, says the projected volume of kimberlitic material in the River, River Extension and the immediate area is now believed to be about 2 million tonnes.
“The estimated kimberlite volume in the River area is considerably better than expected. Botswana Diamonds will now determine the mining potential,” said company chairperson John Teeling.
“Let me put this in context. The 2 million tonnes is almost twice the size of the nearby Marsfontein deposit.”
The nearby former De Beers / SouthernEra Marsfontein mined volume was in the order of 1 million tonnes.
Botswana Diamonds said the volume estimate was determined based on an external volumetric assessment and includes only areas on strike to drilling to date.    
Meanwhile, the company said that four potential further blows were identified on the Thorny River property and will be defined with detailed ground geophysics and drilling.
“We have identified other small potential blows which could further increase the kimberlite volume. This enhances the potential in developing a ‘hub and spoke’ mining project,” said Teeling.  

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished