Gold brings stability, acts as insurance, and generates higher risk-adjusted returns especially in times of heightened uncertainty

Somasundaram PR (Som) joined the World Gold Council in January 2013, as Managing Director, India. Based in Mumbai, Som is responsible for leading the World Gold Council's activities across the Indian gold market. Som has over 27 years of...

12 april 2021

Flun Gumerov - “I think that a diamond is a unique gift from nature. A synthetic diamond is a man-made imitation of the gift of nature”

Flun Gumerov, Chairman of the Council of the “Jewellers Guild of Russia” Association and the founder of Almaz-Holding, told Rough&Polished about what is new in the legislation relating to the jewellery production and trade, about the sentiments at the...

05 april 2021

Lucapa narrows kimberlites search

Lucapa Diamond and its Lulo partners have been for close to a decade searching for the kimberlite source or sources of alluvial diamonds being recovered from within the Lulo diamond concession, in Angola. The company believes that the frequent recovery...

29 march 2021

Shashikant D Shah: “Mined diamonds and LGDs are separate categories”

Armed with a commerce degree, Shashikant D Shah entered the diamond trade by opening a diamond Jewellery Showroom exclusively for Nakshatra and Asmi brands in 2003 and has not looked back since. DM Gems came into being in 2003 with Shashikant as Founder/Owner...

22 march 2021

Andre Messika: “The natural diamond industry today is one of the most transparent, regulated, and ethical industries in the world”

Andre Messika, a Paris-based topnotch distributor of polished diamonds migrated to Israel in 2003, to establish Andre Messika Diamonds in the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan …and has not looked back since. In 2012, in recognition of the continuous...

15 march 2021

COVID-19 pandemic fails to affect jewelry hallmarking in Russia

07 april 2021
The hallmarking of jewelry in Russia in 2020, despite all the difficulties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, was carried out without failure, continuously. This was stated by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the conclusive meeting held by the Collegium of the Federal Assay Chamber on March 31, 2021.
The minister said that the main task of the Federal Assay Chamber for 2021 is to digitalize the market trading in precious metals and precious stones through commissioning the state information system for controlling the turnover of precious metals, stones and products made from them. The second task is to protect consumers and the market as a whole from counterfeit goods smuggled into the country.
Using a mobile application, people will be given access to information disclosing the provenance of precious stones and the quality of metals from which jewelry pieces are made.
According to Siluanov, the new reality of 2020 has created an incentive for the development of online jewelry trading. This was also facilitated by the decision taken at the end of 2019 to legalize online sales of such products, which allowed last year to maintain trade at the level of previous years.
Siluanov also noted the need to prepare a solution to simplify state control over the export of jewelry, including remote trading.
In turn, the head of the Federal Assay Chamber, Yuri Zubarev said that to stimulate the export of jewelry made in Russia it is necessary to provide a possibility for exporters to choose the method of hallmarking that is most suitable for the market of the country to which such jewelry goods are exported.

Alex Shishlo for Rough&Polished