Botswana Diamonds deal with Diamexstrat, Burgundy more extensive than that with Alrosa – Campbell

Botswana Diamonds recently entered into a cooperation agreement with Diamexstrat Botswana and its partner, Burgundy to fund exploration of its prospecting licence assets in the southern African country. Company managing director James Campbell told Rough&Polished's...

01 march 2021

‘By democratizing luxury, lab-grown diamonds are heading towards opening the widest consumer base globally the diamond industry has ever experienced’, asserts Amish Shah, President, ALTR Created Diamonds

A third-generation diamantaire, Amish Shah, President of ALTR Created Diamonds and pioneer of the lab-grown diamond market has never been afraid to challenge the status quo. After gaining experience, through his family business in the diamond industry...

22 february 2021

Debbie Azar: “I believe that natural and laboratory-grown diamonds are two separate products that can complement each other through their unique features and benefits”

GSI is one of the largest gemological organizations in the world with 13 laboratories globally. GSI’s four pillars – integrity, innovation, professional service, and research & education – serve as the backbone of its business and provide a layer of...

15 february 2021

Consumer spending on diamonds exceeds expectations as rough demand outstrips supply – Zimnisky

Consumer spending on diamonds exceeded expectations in the fourth quarter of 2020 and has continued through early 2021, according to a top industry expert. Diamond industry analyst Paul Zimnisky told Rough&Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that a multi-year...

08 february 2021

Every crisis creates new opportunities

Pravin Shah has been in the business of diamonds for four decades; his technical expertise and thorough knowledge of the whole diamond manufacturing process sets him apart.
As a director, Pravin Shah is in charge of all the operations at two manufacturing...

01 february 2021

Moscow will host Women's Business - the world's first exhibition of women jewelers and designers

22 february 2021
                    Image credit: Ilgiz F.

The exhibition will be held on February 25 to March 6 in Moscow’s Ilgiz F. Gallery - a chamber space that allows focusing on the exclusivity of the event. This exhibition - probably for the first time in the world - will be open only to female exponents, which fully reflects the spirit of the times and is consistent with the current gender concern.
The participants of this project work in different directions and styles - from natural minimalism and ethnics to architectural gothicism and modernism based on computer algorithms. They will present both products completely made by hand, and jewelry created with the help of modern technologies.
Among the 20 exponents of the Women's Business Jewelry Show are Elena Okutova, Diana Gianelli, Victoria Strizhak (Vertigo Jewelry Lab), Natalia Aldukhova (P. N. Jewelry), Olga Shatrova, and other industry stakeholders.
The exhibition gives an answer to the question of whether this is a women's business, and to many others, as for example: How do women see the jewelry world and How do they participate in it or Why are there 9 girls for 10 jewelry students, even though everything was different five years ago?
The profession of a jeweler is traditionally considered a male one, but there are more and more women who have chosen it. An out of the box vision, attention to detail, thoroughness and patience are the most important qualities necessary for mastery. They allow women to become leaders in this field. An additional advantage is the subtlety of perception inherent in the fair sex, a clear understanding of the jewelry world and its nuances. They allow women jewelers to embody all its diversity and versatility in their creations.

Galina Semyonova for Rough&Polished