Diamex Lab: Our technology allows you to trace the history of the origin of each stone

Gleb Sverdlov, CEO of Diamex Lab told Rough & Polished in his interview below about the development of IT technologies for the market of rough and polished diamonds and jewelry.

17 february 2020

The future of the market goes hand in hand with gemology

After 2019, a challenging year for the global diamond industry, we asked Yuri Shelementyev, head of the Moscow State University (MSU) Gemmological Center and president of the National Gemological Association (NGA), to share his views...

10 february 2020

Diamond industry in healthier position going into 2020

The diamond industry is in a healthier position going into 2020 due to actions taken last year, according to De Beers. Group spokesperson David Johnson told Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa that the actions taken included reducing rough diamond production...

03 february 2020

Ethical sourcing and Diamonds Standards Organization

The diamond sector is ready to embrace a new decade and overcome some of its historical challenges. Ethical sourcing has proven to be undoubtedly one of the main aspects that industry professionals need to address. Antonio Cecere, President of Geneva...

27 january 2020

Ali Pastorini: Challenges make us think out of the box and be closer to customers

Ali Pastorini is the co-owner of DEL LIMA JEWERLY and President of Mujeres Brillantes, an association which brings together more than 1,000 women working in the gold and diamond trading sector, mainly from Latin America, as well as from Turkey, Spain...

20 january 2020

Botswana, De Beers to conclude diamond sales negotiations by end of April

14 february 2020

Botswana and De Beers are expected to conclude negotiations on the new diamond sales agreement by the end of April.
The current 10-year sales agreement runs to the end of 2020.
“We are looking at April, not beyond, for all of this to happen and be successfully concluded,” Botswana minerals minister Lefoko Moagi was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.
“We now want further to move into the value space; the bottom end of the business which involves your valuation, your pricing, cutting and polishing, marketing, selling, jewellery making.”
Botswana accounts for more than two-thirds of De Beers’ production. 

   Image credit: De Beers Group

Diamonds account for more than 80% of Botswana’s exports earnings and 25% of gross domestic product as well as one-third of government’s revenues.
Botswana already owns 15% of De Beers.
The current sales agreement saw De Beers moving its diamond sales to Botswana from London, and the government secured the right to sell 10% of Debswana’s production independently.
Botswana and De Beers both have 50% stakes in Debswana.
Debswana’s production decreased by 7% to 5.9 million carats in the fourth quarter of 2019 as output at Orapa fell due to a delay in an infrastructure project coupled with expected lower grades.

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished