Our main role is to inspire consumers to consider diamonds - Jean-Marc Lieberherr

With over 25 years of experience in a variety of leadership positions across many geographies, functions and businesses, Jean-Marc Lieberherr has more than 10 years’ experience as a diamond industry leader, which includes as a Board member of the World...


Training in diamond valuation is key for artisanal miners

Ian Rowe, the Executive Director of the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) was appointed in September 2019, having joined DDI as Deputy Executive Director a year earlier. Ian managed field operations in Sierra Leone within this role and led...

02 december 2019

Kangalassi 2.0: Raising the living standards, creating new jobs

At the V Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) held in early September in Vladivostok, the Yakut company SAYBM signed a tripartite agreement with two agencies - the Far Eastern agency and the regional one - for attracting investments and providing export...

25 november 2019

We live in a new dimension of environmental responsibility carried by business

In mid-October, Moscow hosted the VIII Ecological Forum attended by representatives from the State, large industrial companies, scientific and public organizations. The forum delegates discussed the issues related to finding a balance between the socio-economic...

18 november 2019

De Beers’ GemFair delivering ‘positive impacts’ to ASM sector in Sierra Leone – David Johnson

GemFair, a pilot project developed by De Beers to create a secure and transparent route to market ethically sourced artisanal and small-scale mined (ASM) diamonds, is already delivering “important positive impacts” in Sierra Leone. Group head...

11 november 2019

Priceless diamonds stolen in Dresden state museum

26 november 2019

Three diamond jewellery sets from one of Europe's largest treasure collections - the Dresden Green Vault in eastern Germany - were stolen on Monday morning, BBC reported.
"Three out of 10 diamond sets have gone," Marion Ackermann, head of the Dresden state museums, was quoted as saying. 
As per the report, the missing sets also included some rubies, emeralds and sapphires. 
According to the official date, the stolen sets might be worth €1bn.
To get into the building the thieves removed part of an iron grille on a ground-floor window, then smashed the glass.
After examining CCTV footage, the police said that there are two suspects. But more people might have been involved in the robbery.
The most valuable items are in the palace's historic section on the ground floor.
It includes about 3,000 items of jewellery and other treasures decorated with gold, silver, ivory and pearl, such as a figure of a moor studded with emeralds and a 648-carat sapphire - a royal gift from Russia's Tsar Peter the Great.
Saxony's ruler, Augustus the Strong, created the collection in 1723 in one of the world's oldest museums.
One of the most valuable jewels is a 41-carat green diamond currently on show in New York.

Alex Shishlo, Editor of the Rough&Polished European Bureau