Our main role is to inspire consumers to consider diamonds - Jean-Marc Lieberherr

With over 25 years of experience in a variety of leadership positions across many geographies, functions and businesses, Jean-Marc Lieberherr has more than 10 years’ experience as a diamond industry leader, which includes as a Board member of the World...


Training in diamond valuation is key for artisanal miners

Ian Rowe, the Executive Director of the Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) was appointed in September 2019, having joined DDI as Deputy Executive Director a year earlier. Ian managed field operations in Sierra Leone within this role and led...

02 december 2019

Kangalassi 2.0: Raising the living standards, creating new jobs

At the V Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) held in early September in Vladivostok, the Yakut company SAYBM signed a tripartite agreement with two agencies - the Far Eastern agency and the regional one - for attracting investments and providing export...

25 november 2019

We live in a new dimension of environmental responsibility carried by business

In mid-October, Moscow hosted the VIII Ecological Forum attended by representatives from the State, large industrial companies, scientific and public organizations. The forum delegates discussed the issues related to finding a balance between the socio-economic...

18 november 2019

De Beers’ GemFair delivering ‘positive impacts’ to ASM sector in Sierra Leone – David Johnson

GemFair, a pilot project developed by De Beers to create a secure and transparent route to market ethically sourced artisanal and small-scale mined (ASM) diamonds, is already delivering “important positive impacts” in Sierra Leone. Group head...

11 november 2019

ALROSA’s diamond sales halved in July

09 august 2019

ALROSA Group’s July 2019 sales of rough and polished diamonds accounted to $170.5 million in value terms, according to a press release distributed by the company on Friday. Rough diamond sales were $164.6 million, polished diamond sales came at $5.9 million.
Compared with the diamond miner’s sales in July 2018, which amounted to $339.1 million, this year's indicator decreased by half - due to a decline in rough sales, which plummeted by 50.6% compared to July 2018, when the company netted $ 333. 8 million from rough sales. Polished sales in July of this year increased by 11.3% (from $ 5.3 million in 2018) but turned out to be weak compensation for the decrease in the sales of underlying goods.
“A significant decline in diamond sales was attributable to a number of factors including a sizable level of diamond inventory overhang in the midstream built-up last year on abnormally high demand growth. This factor was exacerbated by a low availability of credit facilities issue experienced by the mid-stream, trade tensions between USA and China, and other factors,” explained Evgeny Agureev, Director of the United Selling Organization ALROSA, member of the Executive Committee adding that ALROSA’s price over volume strategy offers more flexibility and accuracy when it comes to defining sales, hence holding back pressure on the market. “Recent statistics on the net imports of rough diamonds to India and net export of polished diamonds from this country suggest that the diamond market is gradually coming back to supply-demand balance,” he said in conclusion.
According to Finmarket, ALROSA shares on the Russian stock market fell in price and on Friday were worth just over 74 rubles per share.


Victoria Quiri, Correspondent of the European Bureau, Rough&Polished, Strasbourg