Unifying role is the main objective of the National Gemological Association

Yuri Shelementiev runs the Gemological Centre (GC) at the Moscow State University and is a president of the National Gemological Association (NGA) uniting the gemologists of Russia. The head of the MSU’ GC and the NGA answered the R&P’s...

15 july 2019

“Our goal is to bring clarity to the offering of Lab Grown Diamonds”, asserts Chris Casey, President, Lab Grown Diamond Council

Chris Casey is a 15-year veteran of the diamond and jewelry industry.  Chris also has extensive experience in market research as Founding Managing Director of the NPD Diamond and Diamond Jewelry Service where his responsibility included the...

08 july 2019

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki: Our dedication to scientific research is an important foundation to our expertise

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, PhD, Director of the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, in an interview with R&P told about the activities and plans of one of the world's leading Gemological laboratories specializing in scientific research of diamonds...

01 july 2019

“Lab-Grown Diamonds is probably the biggest scam this industry has ever seen,”: Leibish Polnauer, Founder-President, Leibish & Co.

An interesting story from the Leibish & Co takes you way back to the year 1979 when young Leibish Polnauer, then a diamond polisher, was travelling to London, having just found out that the factory at which he worked had been shut down. He found an advertisement...

24 june 2019

Botswana mining industry players speak on speculative exploration licences

Speculative mineral exploration licences was a recurring theme from presentations made by three players in Botswana mining industry at a conference convened in Gaborone. The country has issued thousands of exploration licences, across the mining industry...

17 june 2019

Zim diamond workers demand salary increment

26 june 2019

The Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers’ Union (Zdamwu) has requested an urgent meeting with the National Employment Council for the mining industry to consider salary increment as hyperinflation returns to the southern African country.
The annual inflation rate in Zimbabwe jumped to 97.85% in May from 75.86% in the previous month.
Zdamwu general-secretary Justice Chinhema was quoted by NewsDay as saying workers in the diamond industry were facing economic hardships although the industry was a leading foreign currency earner for the country.
“The current economic situation has seen inflation skyrocketing and prices of basic goods and services rising beyond the reach of many workers, eroding the already below a living wage (salaries) being earned, leaving them on the verge of destitution. Therefore, the need for an urgent wage increase,” he said.
“The situation on the ground is volatile; your intervention in this matter is urgently sought. The negotiated 80% increase, and backdated to January 2019, has been eroded and never addressed the situation … instead it created confusion in the industry.”
Chinhema said Zdamwu’s position was that the industry generates foreign currency and all employers in the industry retain from 50-80% US dollars after selling the minerals. 
“We are also aware, as you are, that the balance is being paid using interbank exchange rates,” he said.
“Workers must also be paid in line with the above arrangement.”
Zdamwu’s demands appears to have been overtaken by events as the Zimbabwean government announced the scrapping of the multi-currency regime that had been in place since 2009.
The move effectively banned the use of foreign currency to pay for goods and services in the country.
Workers will receive their salaries in the local currency.
Harare re-introduced the Zimbabwe dollar as it seeks to starve off the parallel market of the greenback, which, it said, was driving inflation. 

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished