Colorless diamonds as an investment class are evolving beyond their traditional ability to preserve, relocate and pass on wealth

Antonio Cecere, the Founder & VP of Monaco Diamond Exchange dons many caps simultaneously. Currently, he is the President of Geneva Diamond Exchange, the President of Diamond Investment Club and the Principal of the Cecere Group. Antonio’s ability to...

15 april 2019

Jewellery with diamonds, even with small ones, sells better than without diamonds

The Yakut jewellery firm Kierge was set up 25 years ago on the basis of the jewellery workshop PKF Yakutrembyttekhnika which, in its turn, was founded way back in the 1970s. Over this period, Kierge turned into a well-established company successfully...

08 april 2019

Lucapa’s Wetherall on the past, present and the future

Lucapa Diamond chief executive Stephen Wetherall recently attended a mining conference, in Cape Town South Africa, where he met Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa and granted him an exclusive interview. They discussed Angola’s first international diamond...

01 april 2019

India’s gem and jewellery industry expects the government will consider its demand for lower import duty on raw materials

A go-getter at heart, with an attitude to match, Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Chairman of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India is a man in a hurry. He has not left any stone unturned to bring back the Indian gem & jewellery...

25 march 2019

“Only do business with clients who have impeccable integrity,” suggests Davy Blommaert, banker

Davy Blommaert heads the Diamond Business at National Bank of Fujairah, which falls under the bank’s corporate and institutional banking division. With nearly 10 years of experience in the diamond industry, he was tasked to establish a unit within NBF...

18 march 2019

A unique 54-carat diamond was mined at the Grib mining division

09 april 2019

AGD Diamonds, which develops the Grib deposit in the Arkhangelsk Province, Russia, reported that on April 4, 2019, the company unearthed a 54.21 ct diamond of gem quality. 

           Image credit: AGD Diamonds

Following the company’s initiative on naming unique diamonds in order to commemorate the fact of their production and in memory of outstanding events and people of Russia and Pomorie, the mined crystal will be named in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Collegium of Mining, the mining industry management body in Russia established in 1719 on the initiative of Peter I.
The 54-carat diamond became the fifth nominal crystal of the company. 
Previously, in February 2017, AGD produced a diamond weighing 181.68 carats - the largest in the entire history of diamond mining in Europe, which was called “Archangel Michael”. 
In June 2018, AGD Diamonds mined a stone weighing 57.03 carats, which was named after Nikolay Koltsov - the pioneering geologist who marked the beginning of the development of the diamond bearing potential of the Arkhangelsk region in the 20th century. In November 2018, the AGD mined a diamond weighing 56.35 carats, named “Vitaly Fortygin” after one of the eminent geologists.
A diamond weighing 66.95 carats mined in February 2019 was given the name "Anatoly Stankovsky" in honor of the discoverer of the Lomonosov diamond deposit in the Arkhangelsk Province.

Victoria Quiri, Correspondent of the European Bureau, Rough&Polished, Strasbourg