Chris Del Gatto: “We provide capital to smart companies”

Chris Del Gatto, CEO & Co-Founder of DELGATTO Diamond Finance Fund L.P., a New York-based non-bank lender to the diamond and jewelry industry, started his career as a diamond cutter when he was just 17. In his early 20’s, Chris went on to co-found a...

26 october 2020

Lunhianga Project: "The forecasts for this year point to the production of about 100 thousand carats of diamonds"

Advanced information, by the coordinator of Endiama’s Lunhinga Project Management Committee, Adérito Gaspar, points to a drop in production due to the pandemic, but with good prospects in view of the potential of the kimberlites of Camatchia, in production...

19 october 2020

Crisis is the way to development

Maria Krasnova belongs to the second generation of the St. Petersburg jewellers. She is a daughter of Pavel Sokolov, the founder of ‘Samotsvety ot Sokolova’ (Gems by Sokolov), a jeweller and expert gemologist famous for his collection of unique...

12 october 2020

Gaetano Cavalieri: Diamond producers no longer insisting that clients purchase what they are offered

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri has served for the past 19 years as president of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation. Uniting national jewellery and gemstone associations from more than 40 countries, including Russia, and many of the industry’s major corporations...

05 october 2020

Worth of gold and diamonds

Initiatives in Arts and Culture and De Beers recently co-hosted a webinar on the worth of gold and diamonds. The webinar, which was moderated by Mickey Alam Khan, the founder and editor of Luxury Daily, featured Jeffrey Christian, founder and managing...

28 september 2020

Diamond Fields exports more diamonds from Namibia ahead of Feb Antwerp sale

23 january 2019

diamond_fields_logo.pngDiamond Fields has exported a 22,166.81 carat parcel of gross weight unpolished rough diamonds recovered from the ML111 licence offshore Namibia for independent valuation, processing and final sorting ahead of a sale next month in Antwerp.
The stones would be mixed with a 25,151.60 carat parcel of diamonds that the company shipped last December.
The latest parcel of diamonds were recovered between December 6, 2018 and January 11, 2019.
Diamond Fields and the operators would conduct a review of initial operational and financial performance following the sale of the diamond parcels.  
Information obtained would be used to determine the future mine plan to optimise potential returns from the ML111 resource. 
It said a six months' (non-continuous) mining programme on ML111 was expected to recommence later in 2019.  

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished