The diamond business is yet bright and has a good future in the coming days

Hitesh Patel, Managing Director of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., joined the family business in 1997 to help his father Laljibhai Patel, the founder of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. Egged on by its success, Hitesh set up the overseas presence of...

19 august 2019

The talk around LGDs is all hype

As a teenager, Luca Luterbacher began to design and manufacture single pieces and individual items for wealthy private family friends from Switzerland and Lichtenstein. In 2017, he finally invested in his own luxury trademark "Luterbacher."...

12 august 2019

Correct adjustment of advertising is the major challenge

At the recent Amberforum held in the Baltic city of Svetlogorsk, Andrey Yanchevsky, Head of the trade representation of the LA VIVION jewelery company shared his opinion with the correspondent of Rough&Polished on the state and prospects of the jewellery...

05 august 2019

Small-scale diamond mining is the future in Botswana – Leon Daniels

Pangolin Diamonds, which is currently the most active diamond exploration company in Botswana, has called upon authorities in the southern African country to include diamonds into the minerals permit for small scale mining operations. Pangolin chief...

29 july 2019

“There has been a strict policy in Israel against LGDs; have been forbidden on IDE trading floor for years.”: Aviel Elia, Managing Director- IDI

Aviel Elia, an attorney by profession, has served as Legal Adviser and Company Secretary of IDI since 2013. As a key member of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) management team, he has been involved in developing company strategy and negotiating...

22 july 2019

TDC warns entities declaring bankruptcy and restarting business without discharging liabilities

17 january 2019
gjepc_logo_news.pngThe Trade Disciplinary Committee (TDC) set up jointly by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), the Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) and the Mumbai Diamond Manufacturers Association (MDMA), has issued a circular for members of the respective organisations intimating them that action will be taken against entities which have declared bankruptcy/insolvency, and continue to conduct business through another entity, without discharging  their liabilities, says a report in
The actions include preventing such companies/entities/individuals from doing business from the premises of any of the trade bodies, which include the Bharat Diamond Bourse Complex, and all locations of the GJEPC and the MDMA. The actions proposed have been formulated under Sections 12 and 13 of the guidelines approved and passed by the TDC and the three bodies which set it up.
Clause 12 reads: “In the event any company/entity/individual has declared bankruptcy as per the market practice and its shareholders, partners, directors, and/or officers start business separately without discharging its liability then TDC shall be entitled to take action against such company/entity/individual as it deems fit including restricting it from carrying on business from the premises of any of the trade body as being part of the TDC.”
Cause 13 reads: “In the event of any company/entity/individual being declared bankrupt as per market practice and continues to carry on trade in the industry pursuant thereto with any other individual or entity or through dummy from the trade and the same is brought to the notice of the TDC, then TDC shall be entitled to initiate action not only against the Company/Entity/Individual declared bankrupt but also the person/company who supports or with whom the business is carried out or is associated with.”
The report adds that the circular is for the information of all members and serves as a warning to those who have declared bankruptcy/insolvency to desist from carrying out any new business without first discharging all their liabilities.
“The Trade Disciplinary Committee was set up two years ago to ensure that ethical and moral standards are maintained within the trade,” explains Sanjay Kothari, Convenor of the TDC. “Over the last six months, we have seen a few companies declaring bankruptcy and going on to conduct business without discharging their liabilities. In such cases, a portion of their dues may be settled, but other claims are left unsettled and trade members suffer losses as a result. What is more, the same persons involved in declaring themselves bankrupt go on to do business again, without paying all their dues. This puts trade members at further risk.”
Kothari adds: “We have asked members not only to desist from dealing with such entities but also to come forward to inform us if they come across such instances or are at the receiving end of such practices. As an industry, it is imperative that we stamp out any malpractices and maintain transparency and the highest ethical standards.”

Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough & Polished