New lending will have to be fully asset-backed with true provenance and transparency in the flow of goods and monies

After handling Gem & Jewellery (G&J) industry financing as a banker for many years, Erik A Jens sees an opportunity now that numerous banks are withdrawing from the sector. He is exploring opportunities to establishing a financing firm focusing...


The majority of women don’t care whether their diamonds are mined or lab grown - Alex Popov, CEO of Âme

Alex Popov, President of the Moscow Diamond Bourse and former Chairman of the World Diamond Mark Foundation (WDMF) launched a new jewelry brand under the name of Âme focused on design and using lab grown diamonds to produce jewelry meant to meet...

14 january 2019

At IDE, we encourage innovation throughout the bourse and have even opened a technological incubator to host start-ups - Yoram Dvash

A first generation diamantaire, Yoram Dvash founded ‘Y Dvash Diamonds Ltd’ in 1991 in Israel. While the company grew and made progress under his leadership, Dvash joined industry organizations such as the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association (IsDMA)...

09 january 2019

Cooperation and collaboration are the development trend of today

Pavel Grankin runs the Slava Group of companies and holds the Slava trademark (‘Slava’ means ‘Glory’ in Russian). He has graduated from the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy. He did his military service at the Plesetsk Сosmodrome from 1987 to...

04 january 2019

De Beers speaks on Zim invitation to explore for diamonds again

De Beers’ exploration team landed in Zimbabwe in 1993 and left in 2006, however, they first prospected for diamonds in Marange in the late 1990s. Harare, under the leadership of the then president Robert Mugabe, alleged that De Beers looted diamonds...

24 december 2018

BlueRock raises £711,000 to boost output at SA mine

09 november 2018
BlueRock Diamonds has raised £711,000 from a placing and subscription of a combined 237 million shares to help open up KV1 and KV2, two of the five kimberlite pipes it is currently mining at its Kareevlei project in the Kimberley region of South Africa.

Image credit: BlueRock Diamonds

The company was expecting to supply about 40,000 tonnes per month of ore to its processing plant starting in the third quarter of 2019.
At an operating level of 40,000 tonnes a month, BlueRock expects its mining operations to be profitable at a grade of 2.5 cpht.
Its average grade from all of its mining operations was 2.6 cpht to date.
BlueRock’s long-term aim was to optimise the resource available and increase the production to around 500,000 tonnes per annum giving Kareevlei a life of mine of approximately 10 years from KV1, KV2 and KV3.
It said the balance of the funds would be used to fund some minor improvements to the company’s operating plant focussed on increasing the reliability and hence utilisation rate of the plant. 

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished