An alliance between a diamond producer and a diamond manufacturer in Russia is simply inevitable and necessary

What is a diamond manufacturer’s margin composed of? What is the profession of diamond processing engineer about? How much time does it take to become a diamond cutter? How does a polishing factory work? The Russian Cut, is it alive? Lightbox from De...

15 october 2018

High technologies make it possible to create a product that can be obtained in natural stones only for very big money

Andrey Zharkov, having left the position of President at diamond mining company Alrosa, has established and headed the Ultra C company, which will be engaged in the production of diamonds from the reactor. In this interview with industry news agency...

08 october 2018

The once unorganised domestic jewellery sector in India is now growing

A veteran businessman, former Chairman of Gem & Jewellery Council (GJC), Bullion Expert, a third-generation jeweller born with a silver spoon (or was it gold?) in his mouth, a perpetual optimist … yes, the list could go on. As the first...

01 october 2018

India is poised to become a major fine jewellery market in the near future - Pramod Agrawal, Chairman GJEPC

Pramod Kumar Agrawal, the current Chairman of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India is a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Despite belonging to a jewellery business family, with his father dealing in gemstones...

24 september 2018

Color diamonds are more valuable and desirable and a better investment

In 1993, Eyal Cohen started his career as a diamond cutter, sitting by his father’s side as an apprentice. 4 years later, he was recruited by a jewelry firm, where he learned to appreciate natural colored diamonds. In 2003, Eyal opened his own company...

17 september 2018

GJEPC signs MoU with Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange; launches a new campaign positioning industry as ‘A Valuable Asset to India’

13 august 2018

On the sidelines of IIJS 2018 in Mumbai, the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) signed an MoU with the Shenzhen Rough Diamond Exchange and will also open an office in China to promote trade between the world's largest bullion markets.
“We want to broad-base our market and China is expected to provide us opportunity as an alternative market," said GJEPC chairman Pramod Kumar Agarwal.
The bilateral trade in the gems and jewellery sector has been on the rise in the recent years. In 2017, the trade had reached $21.41 bn, registering a growth of 29 per cent year-on-year, with exports from here clocking $13.96 bn.
The GJEPC is also looking at setting up bases in smaller markets like Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam, which will help the sector to incrementally grow, Agarwal said, adding that the council is also talking to Kuwait to create some avenues there.
In a separate event to launch the new campaign, GJEPC Vice Chairman, Colin Shah elaborated on the key thought behind this initiative, “The public at large is not aware of the contribution that the industry makes to nation building. The campaign aims at getting across the value we bring to the country’s economy and the positive impact we are having on the lives of so many millions.”
Five different aspects are portrayed to get this message across – the industry’s pre-eminent position in the global industry; its contribution to the nation’s GDP; the massive number of employment opportunities it creates; the measures implemented for enhancing worker welfare, and the positive impact this indirectly has on the quality of life for their families as well.
“We believe that this will impact perceptions about our industry and help the people of this country get a better understanding of the role we play in nation building,” Shah concluded.

Aruna Gaitonde, Editor in Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough & Polished