An alliance between a diamond producer and a diamond manufacturer in Russia is simply inevitable and necessary

What is a diamond manufacturer’s margin composed of? What is the profession of diamond processing engineer about? How much time does it take to become a diamond cutter? How does a polishing factory work? The Russian Cut, is it alive? Lightbox from De...

15 october 2018

High technologies make it possible to create a product that can be obtained in natural stones only for very big money

Andrey Zharkov, having left the position of President at diamond mining company Alrosa, has established and headed the Ultra C company, which will be engaged in the production of diamonds from the reactor. In this interview with industry news agency...

08 october 2018

The once unorganised domestic jewellery sector in India is now growing

A veteran businessman, former Chairman of Gem & Jewellery Council (GJC), Bullion Expert, a third-generation jeweller born with a silver spoon (or was it gold?) in his mouth, a perpetual optimist … yes, the list could go on. As the first...

01 october 2018

India is poised to become a major fine jewellery market in the near future - Pramod Agrawal, Chairman GJEPC

Pramod Kumar Agrawal, the current Chairman of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India is a successful entrepreneur in his own right. Despite belonging to a jewellery business family, with his father dealing in gemstones...

24 september 2018

Color diamonds are more valuable and desirable and a better investment

In 1993, Eyal Cohen started his career as a diamond cutter, sitting by his father’s side as an apprentice. 4 years later, he was recruited by a jewelry firm, where he learned to appreciate natural colored diamonds. In 2003, Eyal opened his own company...

17 september 2018

Seasonal slowdown affects diamond marketing

02 august 2018

According to RAPAPORT, diamond prices saw a tiny decline during a seasonal vacation period. US suppliers were reluctant to give big discounts after a positive first half of the year.
After having returned from vacations, US retailers had difficulties restocking their supplies as they released their goods during the second quarter whin prices were up.
Prices for rough and polished diamonds remain relatively stable. Rough prices increased an estimated 4% in the first half of 2018.
US and China show steady interest in 0.50-carat, D to G, VS to SI diamonds and rising interest in 0.70-carat, G to J, VS to SI. There is a weak demand for small stones, says the note from the agency.
Currency exchange rates have negatively influenced Chinese and Indian local retailers’ budgets, who became interested in lower quality products. 
Yet, Hong Kong diamond sector has enjoyed a steady growth which is very encouraging before the September Hong Kong show and the October 1 Golden Week retail season. The optimistic mood, which is prevailing in the US and Chinese diamond sector, supports the market for the second half of the year.

Victoria Quiri, Rough&Polished