If real gems are replaced by artificial stones, it is not the difference in value that sellers may cheat you out, but the very idea that you are to obtain along with a jewelry piece made from a genuine stone

Elena Titova is the Director of the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. The museum, which she heads, was founded fairly recently (less than 40 years ago), but it is one of the most popular and stylish museums of Moscow, famous, among other things...

12 november 2018

“We'll only work with mines and suppliers that can prove full and unquestionable traceability”, assures David Zabinsky, CEO, TRIGEM

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Government & Legal Studies, and Spanish from Bowdoin College (Maine, USA), a multi-faceted professional, David Zabinsky has both international public and private sector experience, most recently managing an...

06 november 2018

The diamond market sentiment is cautious at the moment, especially in Europe

Born in Switzerland, Angelika Mavridou relocated to Thessaloniki (Greece) with her family, only to establish her own business JEWELLS GALLERY LTD, which was later transformed to S.A. Prior to venturing into her own business, she studied Gemology...

29 october 2018

Zimnisky talks about pink diamonds, De Beers’ Lightbox

An independent diamond industry analyst and consultant said although exceptional and ‘one-off’ diamonds are hard to assign a value to them, the Pink Legacy will likely fetch $2.64 million per carat when it goes under the hammer next month in Geneva...

22 october 2018

An alliance between a diamond producer and a diamond manufacturer in Russia is simply inevitable and necessary

What is a diamond manufacturer’s margin composed of? What is the profession of diamond processing engineer about? How much time does it take to become a diamond cutter? How does a polishing factory work? The Russian Cut, is it alive? Lightbox from De...

15 october 2018

Global diamond output to drop this year – analyst

09 february 2018
An independent diamond analyst Paul Zimnisky said that global natural diamond production is projected to decrease this year, both in volume and value terms.
He told a mining conference in Cape Town that production by volume was expected to marginally drop by 2 percent to 146 million carats in 2018.
Global natural diamond output for 2017 had been projected to rise by 7 percent in volume to 148 million carats.
Zimnisky also estimated that output to fall by 4 percent in value to $15 billion during the same period under consideration.
He said major miners continue to be expected to curtail supply to market if necessary to restore supply/demand balance.
Zimnisky also said that global polished diamond demand was projected to grow by about 4 percent to $27 billion, while global demand for diamond jewellery was seen at $83 billion this year.
Diamond prices, he said, were now driven more by market forces, resulting in increased volatility, he said, adding that price volatility had made for more challenging operating environment for mid-stream segment.

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau from Cape Town, South Africa, Rough&Polished