Anglo American Platinum makes significant investments in SA’s hydrogen economy

Anglo American Platinum continues to make significant investments in South Africa’s hydrogen economy, according to a company spokesperson. The Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) miner’s external communication principal Nomonde Ndwalaza told Rough&Polished’s...

19 september 2022

Ellen Joncheere: I am launching a new initiative to support young designers globally

Ellen Joncheere, CEO of HRD Antwerp, in an exclusive interview with Rough&Polished told about the history of the HRD Design Awards and its new, 18th edition.

12 september 2022

Hari Krishna Exports eyes untapped diamond jewellery markets

Ghanshyam Dholakia, born in a farmers’ family in a remote village Dudhala in Gujarat was inspired along with his siblings by his father to follow their destiny and this led them to Surat city - a world of opportunities! In the early seventies, Ghanshyam’s...

05 september 2022

There truly is a shift of interest of the masses in LGDs

Shashikanth Dalichand Shah, Chairman of Lab Grown Diamond & Jewelry Promotion Council (LGDJPC), has been promoting the lab-grown diamond and jewellery sector for the past few years spreading awareness of lab-grown diamonds and helping and educating...

29 august 2022

De Beers steps up efforts to deliver net positive impact on biodiversity by 2030

Anglo American’s 85%-owned De Beers Group, which has operations across the diamond pipeline from exploration to retail, wants to protect the environment. Group spokesperson David Johnson told Mathew Nyaungwa’s Rough&Polished in an exclusive interview...

22 august 2022

GJEPC makes presentation at ‘Special Forum on Diamond Equity’ during KP Intersessional Meet

03 may 2017
GJEPC’s Diamond Panel Convener Sanjay Shah made a presentation at the ‘Special Forum on Diamond Equity’ held during the Kimberly Process Intersessional Meet in Perth which focused on boosting consumer demand for diamonds.
According to Shah, the industry needs a ‘clean and transparent’ diamond trade, adequately financed generic promotion campaigns and clear differentiation between the synthetic and natural diamonds to achieve this goal.
Shah pointed out that polished diamond demand and prices had seen almost zero growth over the last nine years leading to lack of sustainable margins in the mid-stream. He stressed that both mining companies and countries need to shoulder the responsibility for creating consumer desire to increase the overall diamond market that could lead to an increase in polished diamond prices.
Calling for strong generic promotions at all levels by all stakeholders with a worldwide budget of at least US$ 100 million, Shah said that the Indian industry would actively participate in and contribute to the effort.
He also said that having both compliance and transparency across the pipeline would increase consumer confidence.
Shah also pointed out that the industry should make efforts to differentiate synthetics and prevent undisclosed mixing with natural diamonds. He said that GJEPC had already taken a lead in this regard.
He concluded that if all these tasks were fulfilled, the mid-stream could achieve sustainable returns and improve talent retention, which would also lead to better rough prices.