Ethical sourcing and Diamonds Standards Organization

The diamond sector is ready to embrace a new decade and overcome some of its historical challenges. Ethical sourcing has proven to be undoubtedly one of the main aspects that industry professionals need to address. Antonio Cecere, President of Geneva...


Ali Pastorini: Challenges make us think out of the box and be closer to customers

Ali Pastorini is the co-owner of DEL LIMA JEWERLY and President of Mujeres Brillantes, an association which brings together more than 1,000 women working in the gold and diamond trading sector, mainly from Latin America, as well as from Turkey, Spain...

20 january 2020

Today’s customer needs an offer of something unique that others do not have

Oksana Senatorova is the publisher of the Jewelry Trade Navigator magazine and the founder of the Jewellery Business Academy.
She graduated from I. M. Sechenov Medical Academy and the Faculty of Psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University...

09 january 2020

Inventories accumulated by De Beers, ALROSA to put ceiling on prices near-term even if demand substantially picks up – Zimnisky

As we are in the last month of 2019, it is prudent to examine what the diamond industry went through and the possible trajectory in the upcoming year. Industry expert, Paul Zimnisky spoke with Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa to discuss this and other...

30 december 2019

Empowering customers and engaging more with our stakeholders is the new Mission

The unassuming Govindbhai Laljibhai Dholakia, Chairman, Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt Ltd (SRK) is not just an ace businessman but a noted philanthropist. He has contributed immensely to social welfare with special focus on education … a noteworthy...

23 december 2019

USKPA void as legal concern for 12 years – source

01 february 2017
The United States Kimberley Process Authority (USKPA) is said to have been operating as a non-legal entity when the Delaware Secretary of State voided the organisation about 12 years ago without anyone noticing, a source has said citing a report prepared by diamond analyst and journalist Chaim Even-Zohar.
USKPA was formed for the purpose of administering and controlling the usage of U.S. Kimberley Process certificates for the export of rough diamonds from the U.S.
The source, who preferred anonymity, said USKPA was said to be in the process of rectifying the anomaly.  
Only business entities licensed by the USKPA were authorised to use U.S. Kimberley Process certificates for the purpose of exporting rough diamonds from the U.S.
There are currently 19 licensees, including some common carriers such as Brinks Global, Malca Amit, and G4S International.
The organization noted on its website that exports of rough diamonds from the US were regulated by the Clean Diamond Trade Act, a bill passed by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush in 2003.
This legislation created a system for the trade of rough diamonds consistent with the standards set by the Kimberley Process.
KP seeks to restrict the trade of rough diamonds known as "conflict diamonds" used by rebel movements or their allies to finance conflict aimed at undermining legitimate governments.

Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished