“The industry is under some pressure, and as we all know, diamonds are formed under great pressure!”, says Dr Martin Leake

A veteran in the field of precious stones, Dr Martin Leake a doctorate geologist had worked for 22 years with BHP Billiton; and also set up a world-class marketing unit for Grib Diamonds in Antwerp. Later, as an Independent Consultant, Dr Martin Leake...

09 september 2019

Recovery of diamond industry within a year if end-consumer demand holds – Zimnisky

An independent diamond industry analyst and consultant said the natural diamond industry will be in a better position within a year time if end-consumer demand holds. Paul Zimnisky, CFA told Rough & Polished’s Mathew Nyaungwa in an exclusive interview...

02 september 2019

Working according to one’s weaknesses and strengths

Canon Jhaveri grew up watching his diamond-dealer father and uncle working with diamonds. The sparkles of the diamonds fascinated the young boy, who became more intrigued every time he visited his father’s office. After graduating in 2002, Canon Jhaveri...

26 august 2019

The diamond business is yet bright and has a good future in the coming days

Hitesh Patel, Managing Director of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd., joined the family business in 1997 to help his father Laljibhai Patel, the founder of Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. Egged on by its success, Hitesh set up the overseas presence of...

19 august 2019

The talk around LGDs is all hype

As a teenager, Luca Luterbacher began to design and manufacture single pieces and individual items for wealthy private family friends from Switzerland and Lichtenstein. In 2017, he finally invested in his own luxury trademark "Luterbacher."...

12 august 2019

8th Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair launched

30 january 2017

Following tradition, during the last three days of January, Antwerp's diamond quarter became an international exhibition venue that hosts the annual BrilliAnt - the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair.
By noon time of Sunday, January 29th, hundreds of retail jewelers, jewellery manufacturers, and other diamond buying visitors were making their way into the halls of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and Diamond Club of Antwerp to participate in the eighth edition of the fair.
Among the buyers attending the fair are delegations from Japan, China, and the Middle East. No less than 95 exhibitors offer diamonds in all possible sizes, qualities and shapes, as well as coloured gemstones and a wide array of industry services.
One of the highlights of the fair's special exhibits is the “Eden of Coronet” guitar. Its design was inspired by nature and was created with the efforts of a partnership between Aaron Shum, Coronet, Chow Fai Took, Gibson Guitar as well as songwriter and designer Mark Lui. The masterpiece adorned with over 400 carats of Coronet® diamonds, set in approximately 1.6 kg of 18K white gold, was awarded a Guinness World Records™ title for the Most Valuable Guitar in 2015 and has been valued at US$2 million.


The BrilliAnt seminar programme began with a well-attended presentation by the World Diamond Mark entitled 'Driving traffic to retailers - the World Diamond Mark® Model.' The WDM offered a preview of the WDM's new consumer oriented website and programmes and demonstrated how it uses digital marketing channels as the most effective and affordable marketing tools to reach consumers and drive traffic to retail jewellers.
BrilliAnt - the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair is a joint initiative of the Bourse, Club and the Antwerp Diamond Kring, and is powered by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

Alex Shishlo, Editor of the Rough&Polished European Bureau in Brussels