Petra Diamonds announces sales results for Tender 6 of FY 2022

Petra announced the results of Tender 6 of FY 2022, at which 569,496 carats were sold for a total of US$93.0 million, bringing total sales for FY 2022 to US$584.5 million across Petra’s mining operations.


Star Diamond disappointed by Rio Tinto decisions regarding Star – Orion South Diamond Project

Star Diamond announced that, at a meeting of the Fort à la Corne joint venture management committee held on Tuesday, Rio Tinto Exploration Canada exercised its voting power to place the Star – Orion South Diamond Project on care and maintenance through...


India hikes Goods and Services Tax on polished diamonds to 1.5%

India’s Goods and Services Tax Council has come up with revisions in Goods and Services Tax (GST) rates for a series of products. With regards to polished diamonds, the GST has been increased from 0.25% to 1.5% (effective 18th July...


Russia hits back at attempts to 'politicise' its diamonds

Russia condemned what it called a push to “politicise” its diamonds over the conflict in Ukraine and said attempts to question its compliance with the international diamond certification scheme were “totally unfounded” and “far-fetched,” Reuters said...

30 june 2022

President Masisi of Botswana visits Antwerp diamond industry

President Masisi of the Republic of Botswana and the First lady, together with the Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Mr Kwape, and the Minister of Minerals and Energy, Mr Moagi, visited the Antwerp World Diamond Centre on Tuesday.

30 june 2022

Diavik begins winding down diamond mine

16 may 2022

( - The City of Yellowknife will be feeling the effects of Diavik Diamond Mine’s closure in 2025 as ramping down has begun. “We start decommissioning our first underground pipe later this year, and surface mining ends at the beginning of next year,” Cherish Winsor, a relations representative for Diavik said. “We say we’re closing in ‘25, but that’s starting now.” The closure of the mine is set to affect the Yellowknife job and economic markets in a variety of ways, according to information provided during a presentation at Monday’s Governance and Priorities Committee meeting.