Armenia puts up for sale more than half of valuables from state reserve

On September 24, the Government of the Republic of Armenia approved the sale of the most illiquid valuables stored in the vaults of the State Treasury of Precious Metals and Stones supervised by the Ministry of Finance of Armenia. The auctions will take...


Caledonia Mining acquires new gold mining project in Zimbabwe

Caledonia Mining has entered into an agreement to acquire the mining claims over the Maligreen project, a property situated in the Gweru mining district in Zimbabwe from Pan African Mining for $4 million.


SA diamond producers welcome ruling on Mining Charter

The South African Diamond Producers Organisation (SADPO) has supported a High Court ruling that the country’s Mining Charter is an instrument of policy, not binding legislation.


Indian diamond exporter under Income Tax radar

The Income Tax department carried out search operations on premises connected to a leading diamond manufacturer and exporter from Gujarat and seized a large volume of unaccounted data. The raids, which began on September 22 based on intelligence input...


New RJC standard for lab-grown materials

Responsible Jewellery Council, the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the global jewellery and watch industry with 1,500 member companies in 71 countries, announced that it will develop a standard for laboratory-grown materials to establish...


Edition 350 of WINC

25 may 2021

(WINC) - Welcome to edition 350 of WINC,

IDMA's Weekly Internet News Collection - May 22, 2021

Dear IDMA members and industry colleagues!

As you most likely know, the diamond and jewelry trade has been rather bothered by the recent announcement by Pandora and its decision not to use diamonds any longer in its fashion jewelry lines. Of course, many feel that we have talked about this enough, but an opinion piece in Rough & Polished by the British industry consultant - and former De Beers executive - Richard Chetwode caught my eye.

I liked Chetwode’s emphasis on our business being a people’s business, which makes the lives of countless others throughout our supply pipeline better.

He concludes his article with this:

“People involved in the natural diamond business, so many of whom are in the developed world, aren’t just faceless numbers, they are real people with hopes and dreams and fears just like all of us… and you haven’t just stopped buying their product to have a cheaper version made in Europe and the US; you unfairly risked damaging their future. Maybe a phrase to remember might be that ‘people who make cheap shiny trinkets shouldn’t throw stones at people in the developing world because they can make more profit’”.

Warning: it’s a ‘long read,’ but I urge you to take some time, read it yourselves, and draw your own conclusions.

Before signing off, I’d once more like to call upon our industry members to lend a helping hand to our Indian colleagues and their people. The Covid-19 pandemic is hitting beautiful India harder than ever before, and our hearts ache for the countless families who are battling the virus and mourning their deceased.

We are also greatly concerned about the well-being of our Israeli friends and colleagues. Lives were lost on both sides, and every life lost is a true tragedy. We do hope that hostilities will not resume and that reason will prevail soon.

Meanwhile, stay healthy, stay safe and stay tuned!

Ronnie VanderLinden,