Platinum-group metals price hit due to stagnant auto production

The shortage of semiconductors is negatively affecting the price of platinum-group metals as investors brace for a long-lasting hit to car production.


Zimbabwe security forces arrest 72 illegal diamond miners

Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) arrested at least 72 illegal diamond miners in a joint operation to remove hundreds of artisanal miners who invaded the Charleswood Estate in Chimanimani in search of alluvial diamonds...


Earthquake halts operations at Victorian gold mine

Australia’s White Rock Minerals has suspended underground operations at its Woods Point gold project after an earthquake struck near Mansfield in Victoria. The earthquake struck at 9:15 am on 22 September occurring 10 kilometres beneath the surface at...


DMCC announces Ambassadors of WDC’s System of Warranties

DMCC has announced that its Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, and its Special Advisor - Precious Stones, Dr Martin Leake, have been appointed as ambassadors of the World Diamond Council’s (WDC) updated SoW initiative...


WDC launchеd an upgraded and expanded System of Warranties

The World Diamond Council (WDC) has marked the 40th anniversary of the establishment by the United Nations of the International Day of Peace with the official public launch of its upgraded System of Warranties (SoW).


The future of diamonds is in recaptured CO2 pollution

09 march 2021

( - Diamonds haven’t always been a girl’s best friend. Before the 1930’s, they were no more synonymous with weddings than opals, rubies and sapphires which had been routinely used in engagement rings for centuries. It really wasn’t until DeBeers — the South African mining company which has historically controlled around 85 percent of the international diamond market — launched its “A Diamond Is Forever” marketing scheme in the 1940s that demand for the sparkly stones skyrocketed. An estimated 142 million carats of rough diamonds were dug out of mines worldwide in 2019 — often at reprehensible environmental and human costs. Pulling just one carat of diamond out of the ground demands workers to move close to 100 square feet of soil, resulting in nearly 6,000 pounds of waste material and up to a ton of released carbon dioxide. Strip mines, such as the Mir mine in Eastern Siberia below, can be seen from the ISS.