IIJS Premiere 2021 concludes successfully; generates around $6.75 bn business

The 37th edition of IIJS Premiere 2021, the flagship trade show of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) of India, held in Bengaluru concluded successfully with the participation of 1,300+ exhibitors and over 21,000 visitors...


Henan LiLiang Diamond issues public offering; listed on the second board

Henan LiLiang Diamond Co. Ltd issued its initial public offering and was listed on the second board recently as announced by Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (GZDE), an international diamond trading platform serving as a gateway for the diamond industry...


Gareth Penny, Norilsk Nickel Chairman arrives in Norilsk

Gareth Penny, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norilsk Nickel arrived in Norilsk to personally get acquainted with the progress of work on the company’s most important projects in the Norilsk Industrial Region (NIR).


Armenia puts up for sale more than half of valuables from state reserve

On September 24, the Government of the Republic of Armenia approved the sale of the most illiquid valuables stored in the vaults of the State Treasury of Precious Metals and Stones supervised by the Ministry of Finance of Armenia. The auctions will take...


Caledonia Mining acquires new gold mining project in Zimbabwe

Caledonia Mining has entered into an agreement to acquire the mining claims over the Maligreen project, a property situated in the Gweru mining district in Zimbabwe from Pan African Mining for $4 million.


The Rush for the Holy Grail: Cash Flow

09 july 2020

Image credit:  Deedster (Pixabay)

(edahngolan.com) - The desire to generate cash flow, accompanied by pressures to do so quickly, led traders to decrease prices, as the following diamond price chart shows. Month over month, polished diamond prices declined an estimated 3.3% in May. This is the deepest wholesale diamond price drop since mid-2015. According to our polished diamond price list, month-over-month declines took place across the board. Prices declined in every single key category, with one-third carats once again suffering the deepest declines. The sharp decline in prices, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Many traders in the diamond market are aching to generate cash flow. Buyers in the jewelry industry can smell it, and are succeeding in squeezing out much better prices than before.