Petra gross diamond reserves down 14% to 33.33Mcts

Petra Diamonds’ gross diamond reserves decreased 14% to 33.33 million carats as of 30 June 2021 compared with 38.86 million carats, a year earlier.


Vladimir Dyukarev, former COO of ALROSA passes away

Vladimir Dyukarev, a mining engineer, who committed most of his life to the country's diamond industry making his way up from a foreman at the Udachny Mining Division to the COO of ALROSA, passed away today at the age of 78.


The third J-1 Jewellery Congress to be held in Moscow on September 26-28

The third J-1 Jewellery Congress will be held in Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor Conference Hall on September 26-28. The Congress will become a key educational and business platform for the jewellery industry and will set new vectors for its further development...


Private investor mulls $500mln investment in two Angola gold mines

A Brazilian-Angolan national, Valdomiro Minoru Dondo, is set to invest $500 million to help jump-start gold mining in northern Angola. This comes three years after Luanda started issuing new licenses to explore precious metals.


Katoro Gold makes progress in Tanzania, SA

Katoro Gold recorded significant progress across its project portfolio during the six months ended June 30 despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Angola announces winners of diamond, phosphate mining concessions

27 may 2020

The Camafuca-Camazambo kimberlite                                                                                       Image credit: CityWorld

( - The Angolan government announced on Friday that four national and foreign companies have been chosen to confer mining rights to prospect and exploit diamonds and phosphates, leaving out the only competitor for the iron concession. The evaluation committee decided to award the phosphate concessions to Minbos Resources, Lda, of Australian origin (Cátata, Cabinda) and Cimenfort Industrial, Lda, one of the major national cement production companies and with fertilizer production activities in Brazil (Lucunga, Zaire province). In the case of the diamond concessions, the winners were Ishangol LLC, of North American origin and present in Angola for the purchase and cutting of diamonds (Camafuca-Camazambo, Lunda Norte province) and the B&A Consortium (a company of Brazilian origin, with extensive experience in the diamond industry) and Somipa (an Angolan company already operating in diamonds) for the Tchitengo concession, which covers the provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. The only competitor that showed interest in the iron concession did not reach the minimum required standard, according to the evaluation committee, so it will have to wait for a new tender.