ALROSA to launch an advertising diamond campaign featuring the symbols of Russia

Russian diamond mining company ALROSA intends to launch a world-class campaign to promote diamond jewellery.

29 may 2020

ALROSA allows deferrals during its third diamond tender

ALROSA will allow its customers to refrain from buying rough diamonds during its third trading session in a row, deferring June contract volumes to subsequent periods of the year due to difficult market conditions.

29 may 2020

DelGatto launches first-ever ‘Online Finance Platform’ on IDEX Online

The DELGATTO Diamond Finance Fund (DDFF) launched the diamond industry's first ever online finance platform, on IDEX Online on 26 May 2020.

29 may 2020

Lucapa advances Lulo kimberlite exploration project

Lucapa Diamond is making progress on its kimberlite exploration programme in Angola, which seeks to identify the hard-rock sources of exceptional alluvial diamonds mined along the Cacuilo River at Lulo.

29 may 2020

WFDB launches digital campaign to promote Get Diamonds to retailers

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) is launching an international digital marketing campaign to introduce Get Diamonds to jewelry retailers.

29 may 2020

'Revenge spending' and supply reduction could save diamond industry: analysts

18 may 2020

Image credit:  Tiffany

( - The last thing the global diamond market needed as prices finally began to rebound in January after a dismal few years was a global health pandemic. Health and travel restrictions have forced a number of the world's largest diamond mines to slow production. The Ekati mine in the Northwest Territories suspended operations on March 19, becoming the world's largest producing diamond mine to close because of the pandemic. As the world braces for what some predict will be a global recession, discretionary spending could drive the demand for diamonds down even further, and bring the North's resource-dependent economy with it. But diamond analyst Paul Zimnisky says he has hope the industry will rebound by the end of the year.