Sotheby’s diamond auction marks another bitcoin milestone

The 101.38-carat pear shaped flawless diamond - The Key 10138, which carries a pre-sale estimate of $10 million - $15 million, will be sold by Sotheby's on July 9 in Hong Kong.


The Jewellers’ Guild of Russia held its reporting and election meeting

The Association "Jewellers’ Guild of Russia" held its reporting and election meeting on June 18. Due to the difficult situation regarding the incidence of coronavirus infection, the meeting was held in the format of a video conference.


Norilsk Nickel on ecology, indigenous peoples of the North, and public control

The implementation of events within the strategy pursued by Norilsk Nickel’s production divisions in the field of ecology and climate change will require up to $ 1 billion per year, said Andrey Bugrov, the company’s Senior Vice President for Sustainable...


Lesotho auctions diamonds collected from illegal miners

The government of Lesotho recently auctioned diamonds collected from illegal miners, according to media reports. The country’s National Assembly passed a law last year that granted amnesty to people in possession of illegal rough diamonds should they...


Botswana renews Tsodilo prospection license for two years

Tsodilo Resources says its Prospection License 369/2014 has been renewed by the government of Botswana for two years commencing October 1, 2021. The license area contains the company's diamondiferous BK16 kimberlite project.


Jeweller's Day held by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

19 february 2020

expert_19022020_0.pngImage credit: Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The International Jeweller's Day held by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) was marked by the meeting of members of the Exporters Guild and the presentation of the winners of the Moscow international jewelry design contest ‘Russian Diamond Line’. The meeting was attended by heads of companies approved for the participation in the Russian exhibition pool at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show rescheduled this year to May. At this largest world fair, Russia will be represented in the pavilion fully funded by the Moscow Export Centre (MEC). The meeting discussed the issues of restrictions on export and the possibility of selling Russian goods at the exhibition. The MEC will compensate not only the cost of the pavilion, but also customs and logistics expenses. The jewellers discussed the optimal scheme worked out by the Guild of Jewellery Exporters for taking part in the Jewellery Arabia exhibition: arranging the export of exhibits through a single operator, thereby greatly reducing the exhibitors’ costs and the volume of documents required for the customs clearance. The event participants expressed their wishes to the representatives of the Moscow Export Centre and the Moscow CCI regarding foreign exhibitions and business missions that should be included in subsidy plans for the next two years.

Other issues were also considered, in particular, the need to introduce a 950 standard for palladium goods popular in foreign markets. A distinctive feature of the Russian pavilion in Hong Kong should be the jewellery made of palladium using the technology patented by Palladin Gold.

The event was really brilliant thanks to the presentation of the best jewellery pieces - the items by the prizewinners of the Moscow international contest of jewellery design ‘Russian Diamond Line’ and other international design contests. The head of the RF Gokhran Andrei Yurin who opened the presentation, in his welcoming complimentary address, highly praised the artistic and technical level of the items by the leading Russian jewellers and expressed confidence in their success on the world market. The vice-president of the Moscow CCI Alexander Krutov who also took the floor at the presentation called the Guild of Jewellery Exporters one of the most active organizations in the Chamber.

The guests who took part in the event - the leaders of the Moscow CCI special-purpose committees and invited journalists - could appreciate jewellery by famous jewellery brands in Moscow and St. Petersburg - Galina Konyaeva, Ilya Klyuyev, Palladin Gold and Tatyana Kholodnova, Vera Tiestto, Dmitry Kotlyarevsky, Victoria Romanova, Sergey Izmestyev, Sasonko jewellery house.

expert_19022020_3.png Pictured: Jewelry piece by Galina Konyaeva

Lyudmila Shcherbina, the first secretary of the Moscow Union of Journalists, expressed her admiration for everyone who creates modern masterpieces and who helps their promotion.

The leaders of the Moscow CCI special-purpose committees - Irina Zhukovskaya, Irina Linnik, Lidia Chukina, Elena Polyakova, Andrei Zholin - and other members of the Chamber familiarized themselves with the exposition and presentations of each of the participants, expressed their interest in further meetings with jewellers, possibly, in a trip to jewellery enterprises. Fyodor Poludenny, director of the Gevorkyan brand, proposed holding the first event of its kind in the Ceremonial Hall of the Estet jewellery house.

According to the chairman of the Guild of Jewellery Exporters Alexei Scherbina, the ‘Russian Diamond Line’ international jewellery design contest is focused on creating an elite exhibition pool of the leading companies and designers who will represent their jewellery and also sell it at the most prestigious international venues.

Irina Slesareva, art director of the ‘Russian Diamond Line’ contest, is confident that this is quite possible, “Just start - the high level of work shown here, the success of our jewellers in world design contests allow us to integrate seamlessly into the international space and expect to succeed commercially.”

The participants in the event and guests tasted the Italian wines offered by the Caudal Wine House and took part in the jewellery lottery arranged by Brial jewellery firm, and most importantly, they had a unique opportunity to communicate with the leading masters of the Russian jewellery art.

The Moscow international contest of jewellery design ‘Russian Diamond Line’ was held at the end of last year. According to Irina Slesareva, an international jury composed of well-known art critics and artists - Gedimin Jablonski, Poland, Larisa Peshekhonova from the Moscow Kremlin Museums, Cynthia Winninayar, the USA (InColor Magazine), Larisa Zolotova from the State Hermitage, and Catherine Fournell, France, selected 18 prize-winners, and five more works were awarded special diplomas.    

The ‘Russian Diamond Line-2019’ contest had two nominations – ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Golden Series’. Of the jewellery items by the prizewinners, the Star Rain brooch (Tatyana Binder, Moscow), the Equilibrum transformer ring (Alina Andreyeva, Moscow), the Singularity ring (Palladin Gold & Tatyana Kholodnova, Moscow), and the Africa earrings (Tatyana and Natalya Tarasova, St. Petersburg) were very impressive, the Mandarin transformer ring (Wolf Bilonchik, Vienna, Austria), Waltz of Snowflakes bracelet (Victoria Romanova, Moscow), the Secret of the Butterfly set by Anna Teplinskaya, The White Diamond (Kostroma).


Image credit: Palladin Gold

Designer Galina Konyayeva, Voronezh, was awarded the Grand Prix for her harmonious design, successful interpretation of the theme and perfect execution (Pixels set). “The main idea of this jewellery piece is modern life as a matrix. The sun's beam, frozen in stone, subdivides into pixels, like on a phone screen, through which the lion's share of communication is done today. Even sitting next to each other, we more seldom look into each other's eyes - only through the phone screens. Live emotions are replaced by nice pictures, the whole world of a modern person now consists of pixels. Of course, this has its own beauty, but ... there are not enough aromas, a breath of wind, a warmth sense.

This set - undoubtedly relevant in terms of concept and execution (necklace, earrings and ring) - is made of gold with diamonds and hand-cut rutile quartz; it organically combines handwork and 3D-modeling elements. The pendant, for example, consists of three parts with a pivot joint, and the earrings with movable hinges are made manually.

Irina Slesareva, the contest art director, noted that the ‘Russian Diamond Line’ project is primarily aimed at the designers exploring new themes, styles and technologies, and she emphasized “This year, the jewellery pieces have an amazing variety of themes and formats. We have opened several new names again, and we hope that in the future, there will be even more names. The contest prizewinners, as always, will be delegated to the prestigious International Jewellery Design Excellence Award-2021 contest, the final round of which will be held in Hong Kong, as well as to other world jewellery design contests.”

Galina Semyonova for Rough&Polished