ALROSA unearths a yellow 17.4 ct diamond at its new Verkhne-Munskoye deposit

ALROSA has recovered a 17.44-carat diamond at the Verkhne-Munskoye deposit for the first time since the beginning of its operations.


Star Diamond provides update regarding option to JV with Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc.

Star Diamond Corporation announced that, following a review conducted by Star Diamond’s special committee with assistance from the special committee’s independent legal counsel, Star Diamond has notified Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc. (RTEC)...


Sergey Eroshkin appointed new CEO of Bourevestnik

Sergey Eroshkin will become the new CEO of the Bourevestnik Innovation Center, ALROSA subsidiary, effective from February 15, 2020.


Star Rays aspires to become India’s first carbon-neutral diamond company

Indian diamond manufacturer Star Rays may be the first India’s first carbon-neutral diamond company in the country, because of its commitment to sustainable business practices.


Young Indians embrace platinum as a symbol of modern love and self-expression

While traditionally a market for gold jewellery, India has developed a strong appetite for platinum over the past decade.


Ensuring the terms of battle are truth and fairness

05 february 2020


Image credit: OpenClipart-Vectors (Pixabay)

( - A lot has happened since our last Great Diamond Debate. The continuing brouhaha concerning natural versus lab-grown diamonds is nothing but a latter-day ‘land grab’, in this case for the hearts and minds of consumers. Make no bones about it. For the new lab-grown companies to achieve long-term profitability, they must capture the customer base of the natural diamond market. This has all the hallmarks of the video-format war of the late 1970s and early 1980s where Sony’s Betamax and JVC’s VHS battled for supremacy; however, while that was a zero sum game, which resulted in death for the loser Betamax, man-made and natural diamonds can co-exist. That’s not to say this fight will be fair, let alone decent.