Global rough diamond output slides 12% in 2019

Global diamond output eased 12% to 130.3 million carats in volume terms, according to the latest data from the Kimberley Process (KP).
Russia maintained the pole position as it produced 45.3 million carats, which represents 34.73%...


Covid-19: Lesotho opens more border posts to foreign mineworkers

Lesotho, which hosts Lucapa Diamond and Gem Diamonds, has opened up more border posts to foreign mineworkers following a lock-down that was introduced last March.


Diamond miner Kimberley Ekapa Mining renames to Ekapa

South African diamond miner, Kimberley Ekapa Mining (KEM) has changed its name to only Ekapa following the collapse of the joint venture between diamond miners KEM and Petra Diamonds.


Luk Fook Holdings profit dips 42% in FY 2019-21

Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd has announced that the overall profit dipped of 42 per cent during the year ending March 31, 2020.


ALROSA’s financing to prevent COVID-19 spread exceeds RUB 500 million

ALROSA's overall spending on countering COVID-19 pandemic amounted to almost 8 mln USD (more than RUB 500 mln), according to a press statement distributed by the company last week. Assistance is provided to public health facilities of the...


Is There a Resale Market for Lab-Grown Diamonds?

03 december 2019
( – This last October, at the urging of a commenter, I looked into Kay’s and Jared’s policy for lab-grown diamond upgrades and trade-ins, now that both of those chains are selling them. Suffice it to say, it’s not the same as for naturals. When I talk to jewelers reluctant to sell lab-growns, their number one reservation almost always revolves around value and how they’ll handle trade-ins and buybacks. For some now carrying them, the answer seems clear: They won’t.