Angola's Luaxe eyes trial mining mid-next year – Alrosa

Angola's new Luaxe diamond deposit is set to commence trial mining mid-next year that is expected to produce 1 million carats worth $90 million in 2020, according to Alrosa.


Christie’s Magnificent Jewels totals $67.5 million

Christie’s latest auction Magnificent Jewels, which was held on December 11, totaled $67,519,625.


Botswana Diamonds opts to focus on advanced kimberlite projects in Zimbabwe, South Africa

Botswana Diamonds, which convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM), in London on Thursday, has resolved that its diamond exploration work will focus on advanced kimberlite projects in Zimbabwe and the Free State kimberlite field in South Africa...


Petra’s SA mining operations back at normal load levels

Petra Diamonds' mining operations in South Africa are now operating at normal load levels after the country’s power utility, Eskom, lifted its load curtailment restrictions.


AGD DIAMONDS extracts its four millionth ton of ore

The Grib Mining and Processing Division, which is operated by AGD DIAMONDS, has processed its four millionth ton of ore in line with the company’s annual production plan.

12 december 2019

Diamond Wars; And The Winner Is Not Natural!

22 november 2019

( - It’s getting harder by the day to believe that synthetic diamonds are not damaging the market for natural gems despite evidence that the diamond leader, De Beers, might have kicked a very expensive own goal. The latest clue pointing to trouble in the market for natural (or mined) diamonds came recently in a Forbes story which reported a plan to sell laboratory-grown diamonds in Bloomingdale’s and Reeds Jewelers. While there is not much new about synthetic diamonds what is significant about the Bloomingdale’s and Reeds plan is that it is being promoted by De Beers via its lab-grown diamond business Lightbox. Until now Lightbox diamonds, and the man-made material can be called diamonds, have only been available via its website or pop-up promotions.