AGD DIAMONDS issues a report on development prospects for 2019 in line with GRI standards

AGD DIAMONDS has issued its second Sustainable Development Report for 2019 on May 26. The Sustainable Development Report for 2019 is a non-financial report of the Company.


DeBeers’ Forevermark upbeat about market recovery – report

De Beers-owned retail brand Forevermark has registered a “strong” sales recovery at its stores in China since the outbreak of Covid-19.


SA state diamond firm Alexkor trading recklessly, may go bust by June

South African state-owned diamond mining company, Alexkor is trading “recklessly” and failing to meet its financial obligations.


WGC Survey: 60% Indian women own gold; 37% will buy in future

The World Gold Council’s “Retail Gold Insights: India Jewellery’ report highlighted that 37% of Indian women have never bought gold jewellery in the past but would consider buying it in the future, presenting a significant potential audience for...


SA police nab man found in possession of suspected diamonds

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has arrested an unnamed man who was found in possession of suspected diamonds, four unlicensed firearms and ammunition, in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng.


Disruption: Why the Big Luxury Brands Should Be Scared

28 october 2019
( - With regards to luxury, bigger used to always be better. The history and heritage of top luxury houses were seen as assets that those brands could capitalize on until the end of time. But while that may have been true a decade or two ago, today, things have changed dramatically. Many of those so-called heritage brands are suffering, whether they’re in jewelry, fine wines, luxury cars, fashion, fine watchmaking, luxury retail, or bespoke shoemaking. A lot of brands — even after a century of growth and unbridled success — have suddenly started to lose ground, leaving management teams puzzled about what happened and what they should do about it. But there are recurring patterns that can be addressed when a heritage brand starts to fail.