Russia wants restriction on CAR diamonds lifted

Russia wants a restriction on diamond exports from the Central African Republic (CAR), an official has said.


Zimbabwe gets tough on holders of mining title for speculative purposes

Zimbabwe is set to get tough on holders of mining title for speculative purposes, mines minister Winston Chitando has said.


WGC Report: Healthy gold retail market but lacks awareness

The World Gold Council (WGC) released its new consumer research report, which surveyed 18,000 respondents in China, India, North America, Germany and Russia.


IDI to feature 21 exhibitors in its ‘Israel Diamond Pavilion’ at HKJMA Show

The Israel Diamond Pavilion, organized by the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) will have 21 companies under its roof at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ Show, November 28 to December 1, 2019.


De Beers offers buyers flexibility – again

De Beers continued offering flexibility to its diamond buyers at the just ended ninth sales cycle of the year as midstream trading conditions are still in the process of rebalancing.


Melee malaise: Is marketing the solution?

14 october 2019
( - Does anyone have the answer to rectify the current malaise in the diamond industry? Before you can fix something you need to know the exact cause of the problem. I only state the bleeding obvious because there are calls for a new, $US1 billion global marketing campaign promoting natural diamonds, and especially engagement rings. Martin Rapaport is on the record as saying that current generic marketing efforts need to improve and miners, supported by brands, must step up to the plate to reach consumers. Few would disagree with such a concept – but where do the funds come from?