Thai coloured stones and silver jewellery sector looks to China for growth

The Commercial Consul, Royal Thai Consulate General in Shanghai has commented on the considerable potential for Thai jewellery to penetrate the Chinese market, adding that coloured stones and silver jewellery are gaining in popularity among young Chinese...


ALROSA sold 102 diamonds during its May online tender

ALROSA sold 102 diamonds from boxes of 5-10 carats during its online tender, which took place from May 15 to May 29, 2020.


Hong Kong’s jewellery sales dip 77 % in April 2020

According to Hong Kong’s Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong’s jewellery sales dropped drastically in April, despite the markets opened up after COVID-19 threat.


Petra Diamonds Q3 revenue slides 32% to $91.3M

Petra Diamonds, which has operations in South Africa and Tanzania, says its third quarter revenue for the fiscal year 2020 eased 32% to $91.3 million compared to $135.2 million, a year earlier mainly due to reduced prices recorded at the March tender...


Synthetic diamond manufacturers clash over patents

The lawsuit between the companies producing synthetic diamonds is subject to further consideration, since there are sufficient grounds for litigation regarding the methods of production and processing of stones.


Every little bit helps for Duffy as he opens account at debt-laden Petra Diamonds

11 october 2019

( - Richard Duffy, CEO of Petra Diamonds, is hoping Brexit-weary Brits will buy in to the ‘romance’ of the firm’s Cullinan mine, situated a dusty, sun-baked 30km east of Pretoria. That’s the aim of a joint venture between his company and UK jewellery store Boodles where diamonds marketed as having been mined from Cullinan are being sold. The intention is to play up the history as well as the modern day benefits associated with Cullinan diamonds remembering, of course, that in 1905, a very large 3,106 Cullinan rough diamond was cut and polished into pieces now worn and borne by the UK monarchy when the grandiloquent occasion befits.