DelGatto launches first-ever ‘Online Finance Platform’ on IDEX Online

The DELGATTO Diamond Finance Fund (DDFF) launched the diamond industry's first ever online finance platform, on IDEX Online on 26 May 2020.


Lucapa advances Lulo kimberlite exploration project

Lucapa Diamond is making progress on its kimberlite exploration programme in Angola, which seeks to identify the hard-rock sources of exceptional alluvial diamonds mined along the Cacuilo River at Lulo.


WFDB launches digital campaign to promote Get Diamonds to retailers

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) is launching an international digital marketing campaign to introduce Get Diamonds to jewelry retailers.


SA mines record 320 COVID-19 cases

South Africa’s mining industry has recorded 320 cases of Covid-19 as the industry prepares to operate at full capacity from June 1, according to media reports citing the Minerals Council.


AGD DIAMONDS issues a report on development prospects for 2019 in line with GRI standards

AGD DIAMONDS has issued its second Sustainable Development Report for 2019 on May 26. The Sustainable Development Report for 2019 is a non-financial report of the Company.


Let Me Just Verify That

10 october 2019

( - MVI Marketing has just come out with a consumer research study report looking at "the need for third-party verification of mined and lab-grown diamond claims of positive social and environmental impact." While it's not a name that trips off the tongue, there's some important takeaways in there. The top one is this: about 40 percent of consumer-purchasing decisions are driven by knowledge of social and environmental responsibility and country of origin claims. In addition, consumers would pay a premium to have knowledge about diamonds they purchase and would value looking up country of origin at a jewelry store's counter.