AGD report recognized best at Micromine International Conference

AGD DIAMONDS received the highest award at the VIII Conference of Micromine Users held last week at the Minex Russia mining and geological forum, the largest international symposium in the Russian Federation on topical issues of exploration, mining and...


The VIIIth Ecological Forum will be held in Moscow on October 17-18

VIIIth Ecological Forum “Corporate Responsibility to the Future. Technology for Society and Nature” will be held in Moscow on October 17-18, 2019.


Petra revenue down 6% to $463mln as diamond prices weaken

Petra Diamonds’ revenue for the fiscal year 2019 decreased by 6% to $463.6 million from $495.3 million, a year earlier, reflecting the weaker diamond market.


ALROSA's profit under RAS for 9 months decreased by 35% compared to last year

ALROSA's profit under RAS for 9 months of 2019 decreased by 35% compared to the previous year, to RUB 119.8 billion, due to problems faced by the global diamond industry.


Zimbabwe seeks to produce 11Mcts of diamonds by 2023

Zimbabwe is planning to more than triple its diamond output to 11 million carats by 2023 from 3.2 million carats last year, according to the mines minister.


Worthy releases new Dating After Divorce study

17 september 2019

( - 78% of the women surveyed are already in dating mindset before divorce papers are signed, states new study by Worthy; 63% are still holding onto their engagement ring. Worthy releases new Dating After Divorce study. The first large-scale study focused solely on women who have and who are going through the divorce journey, with over 1,700 female participants from across the country. This study, led by Worthy, was done in collaboration with Dr. Gladys Frankel; in partnership with a dynamic team of divorce and relationship experts, Dr. Kristin Davin, Tamsen Fadal, Karen Bigman, Karen Sparks, and Jackie Pilossoph.