ALROSA sells specials for $ 11 million during its New York tender

ALROSA tendered its special-sized diamonds (over 10.8 carats) and earned $11 million in sales revenue. The auction was held in New York, and the viewing took place at the sales office of ALROSA USA Inc.

15 november 2019

WFDB and DPA link up to create powerful new marketing channel

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has launched a powerful new marketing channel for the dissemination of industry news to promote diamonds in a tie-up with the Diamond Producers Association (DPA).

15 november 2019

India’s polished diamond exports down 15.39% during October

During October, cut and polished diamond exports declined by 15.39% year-on-year totalling $ 1.95 bln during during October as against $ 2.30bln during October 2018, according to the provisional data released by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion...

15 november 2019

Zimbabwe lowers royalty on diamonds to 10%

Zimbabwe is set to review the royalty on diamond from the current 15% to 10% of gross revenue from 1 January, 2020.

15 november 2019

Diamcor Q2 revenue down on limited processing volumes

Diamcor Mining has realised $560,059 in revenue from its Krone-Endora at Venetia project, in South Africa during the period ended September 30, 2019 compared to revenues of $726,846, realised during the same period in the prior fiscal year.

15 november 2019

Misconceptions of Value

14 august 2019
( - A major question throughout economic history has been the question of what determines the value of an item. Most economists throughout history (and many today) believed in an intrinsic theory of value; that an item has an innate value that can be measured and calculated. In the late 19th century, William Stanley Jevons, Léon Walras, and Carl Menger (founder of the Austrian school) separately developed the subjective theory of value. This theory argues that the value of a product is not intrinsic to the product itself but instead is determined by a consumer’s desire for that product. Since individuals have different wants, needs, and possessions, the value an individual places on goodwill differ from person to person.