Israeli diamond export down 21.1 pct in first 3 quarters

Israeli diamond export, one of the state's leading export branches, fell 21.1 percent year on year in the first three quarters of 2019, Hebrew-language news website "Ynet" reported Tuesday.


Award-winning Thai jewelry to be showcased at International Chanthaburi G&J Festival 2019

After The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) announced eight finalists of the GIT 13th World Jewelry Design Award, Thai artisans are transforming these intricate designs into beautiful and wearable jewelry pieces, which will be seen...


AGD report recognized best at Micromine International Conference

AGD DIAMONDS received the highest award at the VIII Conference of Micromine Users held last week at the Minex Russia mining and geological forum, the largest international symposium in the Russian Federation on topical issues of exploration, mining and...


The VIIIth Ecological Forum will be held in Moscow on October 17-18

VIIIth Ecological Forum “Corporate Responsibility to the Future. Technology for Society and Nature” will be held in Moscow on October 17-18, 2019.


Petra revenue down 6% to $463mln as diamond prices weaken

Petra Diamonds’ revenue for the fiscal year 2019 decreased by 6% to $463.6 million from $495.3 million, a year earlier, reflecting the weaker diamond market.


Las Vegas 2019: Guts without Glory

24 june 2019
( - When hit, we instinctively flinch. Close our eyes for a moment, crunch, and maybe turn sideways a little. But in a fight, that is the wrong thing to do. You’ll get hit, suffer and lose. Guts without glory. Every boxer knows that when a fist is heading in your direction, the smart thing to do is hit right back. It throws off your opponent, who is usually pretty open at that point, and this has a great psychological impact. In a fight, your goal is more than to remain standing. You want to win. No matter what, even of the cost is an occasional blow. To win, you may need to suffer some pain, so hit back, don’t stop attacking, don’t flinch. The diamond industry used to be a prize winner. It was young, feisty, fast, hungry, well financed, and had the ultimate sponsor. But at more than 100 years old, it’s a little tired, has less energy, bouncing back is tougher, the slower response time does not allow it  to hit back when a blow is sent in its direction. Is the diamond industry an aging fighter losing its stand? A few recent events, including the just concluded trade shows in Las Vegas, may provide an answer.