India as KP Chair 2019: Kimberley Process Intersessional meeting concludes successfully

India, as the KP Chair for 2019, successfully hosted the KP Intersessional meeting in Mumbai. The meeting which started on 17th June concluded on 21st June 2019.


Israeli mining company discovers new ‘Extraterrestrial’ mineral worth more than diamonds

Israeli mining company, Shefa Yamim has unearthed a new material, closely resembling sapphire or ruby in its composition, in the Zevulun Valley in northern Israel.


Zim to sign diamond exploration deal with Alrosa before end of June

Zimbabwe is expected to reach a diamond exploration agreement with Alrosa end of this month, a government official has said.


Increased militarisation of diamond mining in Africa worrying – CNRG

The increased militarisation of diamond mining in Africa where some governments “have very serious democratic deficit” is worrying, a rights activist has said.


De Beers teams up with IIG to deliver diamond education courses in India

De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds has partnered with the International Institute of Gemology in India (IIG) to deliver diamond education courses throughout India.

21 june 2019

So How Much Do We Spend on Jewelry and Watches?

21 may 2019
( - Here’s a question to ponder: How much does the average US household spend on jewelry and watches per year? Does this spending differ by age group and, if so, by how much? Knowing how much different demographic groups spend can be very valuable to a business. With all its recent trials and issues, the US is by far the largest economy in the world. Individual states such as California and New York have bigger economies than some of the biggest countries in the world – bigger than some super powers and OECD member countries. So, it is no surprise that the US is the largest jewelry and watch consumer market.