Botswana Diamonds completes nine-hole drilling on Thorny River

Botswana Diamonds has completed its nine-hole drilling programme on the Thorny River property in South Africa. It said the objective of the hole drilling was to see if two kimberlite blows were one contiguous orebody, thus increasing the overall resource...


Lifeline for small-scale chrome miners in Zim

Zimbabwe Zhongxin Smelting Company, a joint venture between a Chinese firm and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, is constructing a $60 million smelting plant in Masvingo.


Out of the deep blue: Buyers at Christie’s will have a chance to bid for Rolex Experimental Deep Sea Special N°1

Developed as a prototype for perfecting the Rolex diving watch concept, this Rolex Deep Sea Special N°1 was attached to the hull of Auguste Piccard’s bathyscaphe Trieste for the inaugural deep-sea trial to a depth of 3,150 meters in the Mediterranean...


Lucara unveils 1,175-ct rough diamond in New York – report

Lucara Diamond and manufacturer HB Antwerp unveiled a 1,175-carat diamond in New York City in a bid to attract investors. Reuters reports that the stone recovered at the Karowe mine, in Botswana last June would be on display for a week at the Whitby...


Asset-backed cryptocurrency gains momentum in China

Diamonds have not been a favourite with Chinese investors in the past because they tend to lose their resale value. But thanks to the emergence of cryptocurrency, this attitude towards diamonds as an unviable investment vehicle has changed.


Traditional Marketing No Longer Works in China. Here’s What Does

18 april 2019

(The Jing Daily) - During the Sotheby’s & Jing Daily Future of Luxury Conference in Hong Kong, I witnessed one of the most interesting moments of my entire business life. I asked the audience, made up mostly of managers working in Hong Kong and China (including senior executives of Louis Vuitton and Tencent), during my panel on AI-powered luxury management three simple questions. The first: Who in the audience is responsible for brands, either as CEO, CMO, or senior brand director? Almost everyone raised their hands. The second: How many of them do digital marketing campaigns in China? Practically all raised their hands again. But then, the answer to my third question shocked me. I asked: “How many of you can link sales precisely to your digital marketing, sponsoring, event, or social media activity?” In other words, how many of those audience members who run marketing campaigns in China — many for massive luxury brands — know their ROI? Not one hand was raised. Zero. After that, everyone agreed that there was a need for a different approach.