AGD DIAMONDS, AO held working meetings with Italy’s TESMEC S.p.A. in Arkhangelsk on May 22 and 23.


De Beers lauds its synthetic diamond detection machines

De Beers said a central part of maintaining consumer confidence is research into diamond synthesis and the development of equipment that can reliably and consistently detect synthetic diamonds as well as ensure they are not misrepresented as natural...


Sandvik starts 3D printing diamond composites

Sandvik Additive Manufacturing has announced that it created the first ever 3D printed diamond composite. The stone can be 3D printed in different complex shapes and used for industrial purposes.


DiaCam360 to debut at JCK Las Vegas Show

DiaCam360’s new venture will lead to the automated identification of a diamond’s color and clarity, based on a proprietary database of hundreds of thousands of images of diamonds that were taken with the DiaCam360, says a press note from the company...


Lherzolite is defined as a new source rock for diamonds - report

Researches from the University of Alberta and De Beers Group have concluded that lherzolite can be another source rock for diamond formation, says

23 may 2019

Diamond Scam Probe Reopens Scandal Italian Banks Want to Forget

14 march 2019
(Bloomberg) - In 2014, Massimo Balestra received a call from an employee at his bank, offering a risk-free investment “as secure as a wall safe.” The resident of a small northern Italian town ended up spending 6,945 euros ($7,876) on a diamond that he says he hasn’t seen since. Balestra is one of almost 100,000 Italians who bought so called “investment diamonds” at the urging of their banks in a widespread arrangement that’s now the target of a criminal investigation by the country’s financial police, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Investigators allege that Italy’s biggest banks hooked up their clients with diamond brokers who sold them stones for as much as double their market price.