Richemont announced it audited results for the year ended 31 march 2019 

Richemont, the Swiss luxury goods group, announced its audited consolidated results for the year ended 31 March 2019.


Tsunami at ZCDC, entire executive shown exit door

The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) has fired seven executives, including the chief executive Morris Mpofu, who was recently arrested for recommending a blacklisted smuggling ex-convict to buy diamonds from the Minerals Marketing...


Unique Arkhangelsk diamonds may be used to create quantum computers

Unique Arkhangelsk diamonds have a special feature – their crystal structure is perturbed, and this is why they can record quantum information. Such diamonds can become the basic element of a quantum computer processor.

17 may 2019

ALROSA Q1 2019 IFRS results are down on a y-o-y basis

ALROSA, the world’s leader in diamond mining, announces its IFRS financial results for Q1 2019.

17 may 2019

Lab Grown Diamond Council formed in NY

The Lab Grown Diamond Council (LGDC) was launched on 16, May 2019 in New York. The Mission of the LGDC is to develop and implement a multi-tiered, international communications program designed to increase the awareness of, knowledge about, and...

17 may 2019

4 New Questions for the Lab-Grown Diamond Market

18 february 2019
( - A few weeks back, the founder of Plasmability told me the lab-grown diamond business is in a “Wild West” phase. It sure feels like it. There are good businesses in the sector. But far too many are nontransparent, make unsubstantiated claims, and violate environmental marketing standards, like the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides. And we still see the typical, sometimes deliberate, fuzziness about the difference between synthetics and simulants. As lab-grown diamonds become more accepted by the industry and the public—Meghan Markle reportedly sported a pair—companies that sell and produce them will need to conform to standard norms and practices, and perhaps consider issues they hadn’t before. So here are four questions I believe the lab diamond industry will have to reckon with as it matures. A few of them I would never have considered prior to the recent boom.