Tango cancels services agreement for Angola diamond project

Tango Mining has terminated the services agreement for mining and marketing of diamonds with Cooperativa Mineira Do Moquita, SCRL in Angola.


Botswana Diamonds renews prospecting licences in Kalahari

Botswana Diamonds’ subsidiary Sunland Minerals has renewed its prospecting licences located in the central Kalahari Desert, in Botswana.


GSI conducted a full review of Marks Jewelers’ inventory for undisclosed lab grown diamonds

Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, conducted a full review of Marks Jewelers’ inventory for undisclosed lab grown diamonds.


Aircraft deal involving Murowa Diamonds goes sour – report

Murowa Diamonds has approached the Zimbabwean High Court seeking an order to compel a safari operator to deliver a 1978 Cessna 206G aircraft it acquired for $85,000 last year, according to local media reports.


India’s Bunder diamond mines likely to be revived

The Bunder diamond project in Madhya Pradesh (MP), India with an estimated 34.20 million carat diamond deposits in Chhatarpur may be revived, according to a report in TOI.


Promoting See-Through Transparency Is Critical

29 january 2019

(IDEX Online) - I was in an elevator in a hotel in Mumbai several years ago at the end of a conference when a well-known diamond industry figure walked in with a small entourage. "You know what the trouble is with transparency?" he asked. "You can see right through it." Seemed pretty amusing at the time; the entourage certainly enjoyed it. Given the speed of developments in the industry, however, it seems today to be rather a feeble and irrelevant joke. I am sure that there are many other people who related to the need for responsible sourcing and transparent business operations with similar sarcasm. Doubtless there were many who hoped it would fade away, sort of like a passing fashion. I am equally sure that there are still many in the trade operating quietly and trying not to appear on the industry's radar who are not that interested in running transparent operations either.