Worldwide jewelry sales rise by 4% in 2018 - ALROSA

Global sales of diamond jewelry grew by 4% in 2018 compared with last year and amounted to $85.9 billion.


RAPAPORT organises melee auction in Belgium

Rapaport Auctions is organizing a melee auction in Belgium from March 25-27, AWDC reported.  


Namdia receives 78 bids from potential diamond buyers

Namibia’s state-owned diamond trading company, Namib Desert Diamonds (Namdia) has received 78 applications from potential diamond buyers around the world, according to local news reports.


ALROSA changes its client policy to maximize profit

ALROSA, a Russian diamond mining company, intends to modernize its client policy to increase the company's profit, FINMARKET.RU reports, citing the company's CEO, Sergey Ivanov.


Synthetic diamond coating is a new challenge for gemmologists

A study concerning a yellow crystal submitted for analysis to the Far East Geological Institute (FEGI) showed that the stone was a synthetic moissanite covered with a thin diamond film, says a report in the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA)...


Parent of Kay Jewelers Has Work Left to Make Bling Sing

04 january 2019
(Bloomberg) - December brings many seasonal rituals: Swilling eggnog, bopping to “Jingle Bell Rock” and, of course, seeing a gazillion Kay Jewelers ads on TV. The chain is always out in force at this time of year, and for good reason: Jewelry stores, in general, generate a greater share of their annual sales during the holiday rush than many other retail segments. Jewelry stores get a greater share of their sales during the November and December rush than most other types of retailers. In early December, investors learned that Kay’s corporate parent, Signet Jewelers Ltd., entered this important season in a bit better shape than analysts had expected. The company, which also includes the Zales and Jared jewelry chains, bumped up its full-year same-store sales guidance after it delivered a 1.6 percent increase in quarterly comparable sales over a year earlier, its second consecutive period of growth on this measure. Still, don’t count on shoppers giving the company the gift of a turnaround this holiday season.