WDC expresses concern about pace of reform during 2018 KP Plenary

WDC urges Kimberley Process participants to support the expansion of the definition of conflict diamonds ahead of the 2019 Plenary Meeting in India


IDI to host 26 companies at the ensuing HKJMA Show

The Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) is reportedly optimistic as it prepares for the Hong Kong International Jewelry Manufacturers’ (HKJMA) Show, based on rising demand in Hong Kong and other Asian markets, and also an anticipated increase...


Botswana Diamonds widens loss to £557k, struggles to attract investors

Botswana Diamonds has recorded a loss after tax of £557,657 for the year ended 30 June 2018 compared to £310,798, a year earlier.


De Beers rakes in $440 mln as demand for low-quality stones remain weak

De Beers, which is 85 percent-owned by Anglo American, said demand for smaller, lower quality rough diamonds is still facing some challenges, as its ninth sales cycle of 2018 raked in $440 million compared with $466 million, a year earlier.


AGD Diamonds unearths four millionth carat of diamonds since the start of 2018

AGD Diamonds, which is developing the Grib diamond field in the Arkhangelsk Province, announced that they had extracted the four millionth carat of diamonds last week.


De Beers enjoys strong diamond sales despite economic uncertainty

27 june 2018

(businesslive.co.za) - De Beers has reported strong diamond sales in the face of global economic uncertainty and the looming threat of the synthetic gem market. On Tuesday, the Anglo American subsidiary and the world’s largest diamond producer reported its latest provisional rough-diamond sales numbers — the fifth sales cycle for the year — of $575m. This is a 6% increase from the $541m in sales realised in the fifth sales cycle in 2017, and it is 3.7% higher than the $554m in sales from the fourth cycle, which occurred in May this year. "Sentiment in the diamond industry’s mid-stream is positive following the JCK Las Vegas trade show [the jewellery industry’s premier trade show] at the start of the month," said De Beers CEO Bruce Cleaver in a statement. Diamond consultant John Bristow said that while commodities on the whole have taken a big knock, largely thanks to the threat of US President Donald Trump’s trade war, the diamond business has escaped these impacts and "is ticking along quite solidly and with a good outlook".