China’s jewellery sales decline 1.6% in July

Due to the ongoing uncertainties in the global political and economic front, jewellery sales in China were down 1.6 percent in July compared to July 2018.


Angola to offload share capital in 195 firms including Endiama

The Angolan government is planning to offload share capital it wholly or partially holds in 195 different companies under the privatisation programme.

16 august 2019

Gem Diamonds’ Letšeng achieves $1,697/ct in H1 sales

Gem Diamonds said its 70%-owned Letšeng mine in Lesotho achieved $1,697 per carat in the first half of 2019, a 10% jump from $1, 537 per carat realised the previous period.

16 august 2019

Stornoway reported 2Q 2019 financial results

Stornoway Diamond Corporation reported its financial and operating results for the quarter ended June 30, 2019.

16 august 2019

DDI appoints new executive director

The Diamond Development Initiative announced the appointment of Ian Rowe as its new executive director, with effect from September 2, 2019.

16 august 2019

Judge Certifies Signet Investor Lawsuit as a Class Action


( - A federal judge in New York has certified a lawsuit filed by shareholders against Signet Jewelers Ltd. as a class action and declined the retailer’s request to revisit the ruling. The lawsuit, filed in 2016 by The Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi, accuses the retailer of misrepresenting two aspects of the company: the health of its credit portfolio (which the company has since outsourced) and the depth and breadth of allegations of a culture of “pervasive” sexual harassment. The suit now includes all persons or entities that acquired Signet common stock from Aug. 29, 2013 to May 25, 2017.

What China’s Gen Z Really Thinks of the Fake Luxury Market

16 august 2019

() - Not only are Chinese Gen Zers among the world’s best-informed consumers on intellectual property rights (IPR), their attitude towards buying fake goods are also more likely to be driven by morality rather than financial considerations. These are two findings from a new report by the International Trademark Association (INTA), which researched consumer attitudes among Gen-Z consumers from 10 different countries.

Carlsbad Scientists Staying Ahead Of Lab-Grown Diamonds, Which Could Shake Up Jewelry Industry

15 august 2019

( - What if that diamond on your finger is real, but an inscription says it was grown in a lab? Carlsbad gemologists and industry experts say while many people like these cheaper stones, some diamond purists are concerned these lab-grown counterparts could negatively impact the diamond industry.

Misconceptions of Value

14 august 2019

( - A major question throughout economic history has been the question of what determines the value of an item. Most economists throughout history (and many today) believed in an intrinsic theory of value; that an item has an innate value that can be measured and calculated. In the late 19th century, William Stanley Jevons, Léon Walras, and Carl Menger (founder of the Austrian school) separately developed the subjective theory of value. This theory argues that the value of a product is not intrinsic to the product itself but instead is determined by a consumer’s desire for that product. Since individuals have different wants, needs, and possessions, the value an individual places on goodwill differ from person to person.

Goodbye, IIGDR: De Beers Has Renamed Its Grading Lab

13 august 2019

( - De Beers’ grading lab—formerly known by the unwieldy name, the International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR)—has been rechristened De Beers Group Industry Services, spokesman David Johnson tells JCK. The renaming will make “things clearer and simpler for customers, and […] make the business’s position as part of De Beers Group more obvious,” Johnson says.

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