Fourth Edition of BDW slated for August 5-7 at BDB in Mumbai

The Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) has announced the dates for the fourth edition of the Bharat Diamond Week (BDW).


TAGS’ February Dubai Tender concludes, sales down 30%

Trans Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) hosted its February 2020 Tender between the 21st and 26th in the Dubai Diamond Exchange facility.


ALROSA to move the March diamond auction to Israel

ALROSA decided to hold a March diamond auction in Israel due to the advance of the Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show and the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show to May 18-21, during which ALROSA usually organized its diamond auction...


Firestone delists from London’s AIM, cuts size of board

Firestone Diamonds has decided to delist from London’s AIM and reduce the size of its board following a review of the company’s costs and expenses.


India Pavilion inaugurated by DJWE Brand ambassador Sonam Ahuja

The India Pavilion at the 17th Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE)-24 to 29 February, was inaugurated by DJWE brand ambassador Sonam Kapoor Ahuja in the presence of Indian Ambassador His Excellency P. Kumaran.


Deep-Sea Mining: Mineral Riches or Poverty Of Extinction


( - Climate change, environmental impact and dwindling resources on land have forced countries and international regulatory bodies to promote conservative uses of resources and look for sustainable energy solutions. And pushing the boundaries from beyond the earth surface are companies looking for feasible colonization of space and planets, and to the sea bed for minerals and metals.

Everything you ever wanted to know about ethical diamonds


( - Over the course of the past decade, traditional consumer culture has received a conscientious update. From the coffee we sip in the morning to the clothes we add to our closets, questions are being asked about the treatment meted out to the workers creating the products, and the environmental impact of their production practices. A diamond piece stands as one of the more important purchases you’ll make, and it is essential to ensure that the gems that will play a starring role in our happiest memories aren’t created by a cycle of ethical and environmental strife. Here’s everything you need to know about ethical diamonds, and the difference they can make to the lives of marginalised mining communities.

Antwerp’s Rough Diamond Imports Surge in January

27 february 2020

( - The anticipated increase in rough-diamond trading activity as the calendar flipped to 2020 lived up to expectations in Antwerp, as the volume of rough imports to Antwerp during the month of January surged 43% compared to the first month of 2019. The 8.1 million carats imported was the most since December 2018 and outpaced January 2019 imports by over 2.4 million carats.

Polished Diamond Prices Rise in January

26 february 2020

( - Wholesale polished diamond prices rose in January in response to improved demand and lower wholesaler inventories. The rise in wholesale polished diamond prices started in December, as wholesalers witnessed a late rise in demand from US retailers.

What the Diamond Trade Can Learn from Avocados

25 february 2020

( - Generic marketing has done wonders for the green fruit. What’s holding the diamond industry back from creating similar campaigns?

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