TAGS reports high-level uptake for second month in succession

For the second consecutive month, Trans-Atlantic Gem Sales (TAGS) extended the event by 2 days to manage the considerable demand from companies seeking appointments, as per a press release from the company.


Christie’s announced global sustainability initiative

Christie’s confirmed today its commitment to more sustainable operations, pledging to be net zero by 2030.


Petra sells 299 ct diamond for $12.18 mln

Petra Diamonds has sold a 299.3-carat diamond recovered at its Cullinan diamond mine in South Africa early this year for $12.18 million. The diamond was sold to Stargems DMCC.


Anjin targets diamond output of 900 000 ct in 2021

Anjin Investments, a joint venture between China's Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Company (AFECC) and Matt Bronze, an investment vehicle controlled by Zimbabwe's military, is planning to produce 900 000 carats this year, according...


Sarine to apply for Dual Listing on Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange

Sarine Technologies Ltd advised its investing public that the Board Of Directors of the Company has resolved to seek a dual listing of its shares for trading on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), as per a press release from the company.


The future of diamonds is in recaptured CO2 pollution


(worldbestnews.info) - Diamonds haven’t always been a girl’s best friend. Before the 1930’s, they were no more synonymous with weddings than opals, rubies and sapphires which had been routinely used in engagement rings for centuries. It really wasn’t until DeBeers — the South African mining company which has historically controlled around 85 percent of the international diamond market — launched its “A Diamond Is Forever” marketing scheme in the 1940s that demand for the sparkly stones skyrocketed. An estimated 142 million carats of rough diamonds were dug out of mines worldwide in 2019 — often at reprehensible environmental and human costs. Pulling just one carat of diamond out of the ground demands workers to move close to 100 square feet of soil, resulting in nearly 6,000 pounds of waste material and up to a ton of released carbon dioxide. Strip mines, such as the Mir mine in Eastern Siberia below, can be seen from the ISS.

The Origin of Diamonds Can Be Fingerprinted, Study Shows


(jckonline.com) - Ever since the blood diamond issue burst into public consciousness more than two decades ago, the industry has searched for a scientific method to determine the origin of diamonds. That need is felt most acutely in the Central African Republic (CAR) - currently the world’s only source of conflict diamonds, according to the Kimberley Process (KP) certification scheme. Recently, a trio of scientists from Mintek, the research arm of South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, tested a variety of techniques on three CAR diamond parcels, to see if they could determine what region the parcels came from. They had some success, but only under certain conditions.

What History Says About the Current Diamond Battle

05 march 2021

(jckonline.com) - When Dan Scott, the founder and brand architect of Luxe Licensing, hears natural and lab-grown diamond sellers take shots at each other, it pains him. Because he has seen this movie before. In a late January webinar for Gemmological Research Indsustries, Scott, the former chief marketing officer for designer Scott Kay, recounted two past intratrade battles he was involved in: platinum vs. palladium, and cobalt vs. tungsten carbide. He tells JCK that while both sides enjoyed momentary victories, everyone ended up losing.

Place Vendôme Jewelers Offer Respite From Pandemic Gloom

04 march 2021

(yahoo.com) - The French capital may be empty of visitors, but the jewelers on Place Vendôme bustled with activity during couture week, polishing up collections to show in intimate settings, present on a screen and — most importantly — send to Asia. Traditional calendars have been upended by the pandemic and jewelry shown over the week was the result of efforts that were highly complicated by the crisis. Work may have been more difficult behind the scenes, but this did not take away from the luster on display. Jewelry houses are betting on a strong return of business when things begin to clear up and traveling resumes, and are gearing up for recovery times — in the meantime, offering a shot of glamour to offset the current gloom.

Stunning Canadian Diamonds — De Beers Taps Into Unexpected Natural Wonders For New Collection

03 march 2021

(papercitymag.com) - In celebration of the natural beauty of the countries from which its diamonds are produced, De Beers Jewellers has introduced Reflections of Nature, the venerable house’s latest collection in the stratospheric world of high jewelry. The dazzling collection features five sets — Okavango Grace, Motlatse Marvel, Namib Wonder, Landers Radiance and Ellesmere Treasure — with a total of 39 exclusive pieces.

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