IGI to collaborate with John Glajz to certify Argyle Pink Diamonds

The International Gemological Institute (IGI), has joined forces with John Glajz, a Singapore-based authorized partner of Argyle Pink Diamonds for nearly 25 years, to certify these gems.


The Bunder Diamond Mine is sold to Essel Mining

The Bunder Diamond Mine, located in Chhattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India, was sold to Essel Mining, a company owned by the Aditya Birla Group.


Angola's Luaxe eyes trial mining mid-next year – Alrosa

Angola's new Luaxe diamond deposit is set to commence trial mining mid-next year that is expected to produce 1 million carats worth $90 million in 2020, according to Alrosa.

13 december 2019

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels totals $67.5 million

Christie’s latest auction Magnificent Jewels, which was held on December 11, totaled $67,519,625.

13 december 2019

Botswana Diamonds opts to focus on advanced kimberlite projects in Zimbabwe, South Africa

Botswana Diamonds, which convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM), in London on Thursday, has resolved that its diamond exploration work will focus on advanced kimberlite projects in Zimbabwe and the Free State kimberlite field in South Africa...

13 december 2019

Gujarat: Diamond merchants ditch credit, adopt ‘rokda’ system


(timesofindia.indiatimes.com) - The glittering trade in diamonds no longer runs on trust or faith. The decades old practice of giving credit has come to an end as diamond merchants in the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing centre in Surat have started insisting on ‘rokda’ (cash) and cheque system in trade of polished and rough diamonds at the Mahidharpura and Varachha diamond markets.

The Biggest Spenders This Holiday Season? Generation X

13 december 2019

() - While Generation X may have small numbers compared to baby boomers or millennials, the former “latchkey kids” will likely be the biggest spenders this holiday, according to the 2019 Holiday Purchase Intentions Survey from the NPD Group. NPD found that Gen Xers, who it defined as between the ages of 39 and 54, plan to spend an average of $817 this season, more than any other generation. They are also the most likely generation to buy clothing and accessories; some 68% plan do so. It also found that 51% of Gen Xers plan to shop mass merchants, and 77% will browse online retailers. Around one-fifth will start shopping on Black Friday.

Europe Adopts Customs Code to Differentiate Natural & Synthetic Diamonds

12 december 2019

(thediamondloupe.com) - The European Commission has adopted a new customs code to differentiate between natural and synthetic diamonds. In a communication to the members of the national associations of the European Federation of Jewellery (EFJ) and to public authorities, the association applauded the pending entry into force of the new European customs code for synthetic diamonds. This code, introduced in the European combined nomenclature (Chapter 71), will enter into force as from January 1, 2020. It will be applied until January 1, 2022, when the HS6 customs code, which was recently adopted by the World Customs Organisation (WCO), will be applied at the European level.

How Will Chinese Luxury Shoppers React to Price Increases?

11 december 2019

(jingdaily.com) - It’s no secret that luxury brands have not had it easy in the Greater China market this year — for myriad reasons — but, surprisingly, this has not necessarily translated to a major slowdown in that crucial market. Despite a dragging U.S.-China trade war, a Hong Kong luxury market that remains effectively on ice, and this summer’s yuan devaluation, mainland Chinese consumers continue to shop for luxury both at domestic stores and online.

Diamonds are a form of art: DPA exec

10 december 2019

(luxurydaily.com) - The Diamond Producers Association is working to build an emotional story around diamonds by leveraging the stone's history and place in culture. During a keynote at Initiatives in Art and Culture’s Fashion and Design Conference on Nov. 15, an executive from the organization explained how he views diamonds as a type of art, since art is all about light and proportion. Through its marketing campaigns, the DPA has sought to enlighten consumers on diamonds’ 3 billion year timeline and the rarity of finding these stones.

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