AGD Diamonds will take part in the Arctic Science Summit Week in Arkhangelsk

AGD Diamonds, which develops diamond deposits in the Arkhangelsk Province, Russia, will take part in the Arctic Science Summit Week, which will be held in Arkhangelsk from May 22 to 30.


Macroeconomic uncertainty, Indian holiday force De Beers rough diamond sales downwards

De Beers, which is 85 percent-owned by Anglo American, said demand for its rough diamonds was weak during the fourth cycle of 2019, which raked in $415 million compared with $554 million, a year earlier.


Gemfields announces auction results held in Singapore

Gemfields announced the results of an auction of higher quality rough emeralds held in Singapore from 14 – 17 May 2019.


GSI conducted the Diamond Essentials Course for retailer Fred Meyer Jewelers  

Gemological Science International (GSI), one of the largest gemological organizations in the world, conducted the Diamond Essentials Course for retailer Fred Meyer Jewelers, a division of Kroger Co.


AWDC celebrates "100 years Brilliant"

On 27 May AWDC will celebrate "100 years Brilliant". 100 years ago, Marcel Tolkowsky, an Antwerp diamond polisher, made one of the greatest inventions in Belgian history.


Alrosa Seeking Evidence of $10M Embezzled from Catoca Mine


( - Russian diamond miner Alrosa believes that the former and current management of Angolan diamond mine Catoca - in which Alrosa holds a 41% stake - is responsible for secreting away nearly $10 million, and will call upon a U.S. court to obtain discovery of evidence. According to Africa Mining Intelligence, the Russian firm has turned to New York court magistrate Judge Paul Gardephe in the hope of gaining access to documents that would prove that Catoca transferred millions of dollars into shell companies scattered around the world - from Hong Kong to the Bahamas, Cyprus, the UK and US.

From the 5th MGJC: how often can you sell a - different - diamond to the same consumer?


( - Roman Serov of Octonus (Finland, Russia), a leading diamond technology developer and Dr. Olga Okhrimenko, of, presented "Diamond Impression -The Key to Sustainable Competitiveness" Dr. Okhrimenko began by asking a set of confronting questions, addressing the challenges retailers face when trying to sell diamonds to consumers, and, not less important, how develop repeat customers and sell them diamonds again and again.

So How Much Do We Spend on Jewelry and Watches?


( - Here’s a question to ponder: How much does the average US household spend on jewelry and watches per year? Does this spending differ by age group and, if so, by how much? Knowing how much different demographic groups spend can be very valuable to a business. With all its recent trials and issues, the US is by far the largest economy in the world. Individual states such as California and New York have bigger economies than some of the biggest countries in the world – bigger than some super powers and OECD member countries. So, it is no surprise that the US is the largest jewelry and watch consumer market.

The Gem Lab That Refuses to Grade Synthetics

20 may 2019

( - The LFG in Paris has taken a stand against man-made diamonds. Its director, Aurélien Delaunay, explains why.

Diamonds: a girl’s best friend, but

17 may 2019

( - A diamond is the hardest stone and can cut and scratch virtually anything. "A diamond is forever" was one of the most successful campaigns in history. But is a diamond financially durable? Contrary to what you may think, the gold in your engagement ring may be more valuable, because it is likely to appreciate in value over time while the diamond will probably disappoint in US dollar terms. In fact, I estimate that the polished diamond price index is currently around the same level as in 2004. This means diamond prices have contracted 25percent since 2004 or 2percent a year in real terms.

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